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::::Sounds good to me! [[User:Scrubbanubnub|Scrubbanubnub]] ([[User talk:Scrubbanubnub|talk]]) 19:45, 2 May 2019 (UTC)
===Farming Project===
I find myself occassionally lacking inspiration to continue the project. I'm not exactly satisfied how I have the Farm Animals section laid out or formatted. Do you have a Discord account? I would like it if you get an opinion about the Farming page first from either TheWaywardwolf or Mr Pie5. Then my 2nd request is that you keep my funny Dodo and Terrorbird description: {{Quote|The only true problem lies in taming the Terror Bird. The Dodo can easily be {{ItemLink|Wooden Club|persuaded}} with {{ItemLink|Berries}} but the Terror Bird can kill you which makes them harder to tame.|TerronScibe|the subject of taming Farm Animals}}
:Is that okay?