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Structures are a type of item in ARK: Survival Evolved.

List of Structures[edit | edit source]

Item HealthItem slots
Adobe Ceiling (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Ceiling Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Dinosaur Gate (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Dinosaur Gate Scorched Earth Icon.png 4000
Adobe Dinosaur Gateway (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Dinosaur Gateway Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Door (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Door Scorched Earth Icon.png 4000
Adobe Doorframe (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Doorframe Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Double Door (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Double Door Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Double Doorframe (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Double Doorframe Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Fence Foundation (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Fence Foundation Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Fence Support (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Fence Support Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Foundation (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Foundation Scorched Earth Icon.png 12000
Adobe Hatchframe (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Hatchframe Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Ladder (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Ladder Scorched Earth Icon.png 2000
Adobe Pillar (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Pillar Scorched Earth Icon.png 4000
Adobe Railing (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Railing Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Ramp (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Ramp Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Staircase (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Staircase Scorched Earth Icon.png 4000
Adobe Stairs (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Stairs Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Trapdoor (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Trapdoor Scorched Earth Icon.png 4000
Adobe Triangle Ceiling (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Triangle Ceiling Scorched Earth Icon.png 3000
Adobe Triangle Foundation (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Triangle Foundation Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Triangle Roof (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Triangle Roof Scorched Earth Icon.png 3000
Adobe Wall (Primitive Plus).png Adobe Wall Primitive Plus Icon.png 6000
Adobe Wall (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Wall Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Adobe Window (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Window Scorched Earth Icon.png 4500
Adobe Windowframe (Scorched Earth).png Adobe Windowframe Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Advanced Workbench (Primitive Plus).png Advanced Workbench Primitive Plus Icon.png 5000 75
Air Conditioner.png Air Conditioner 1000
Alarm Clock (Mobile).png Alarm Clock Logo Mobile.svg 50
Alarm Tower (Mobile).png Alarm Tower Logo Mobile.svg 30000
Alchemy Table (Primitive Plus).png Alchemy Table Primitive Plus Icon.png 4000 60
Analog Clock (Mobile).png Analog Clock Logo Mobile.svg 1000
APS Mailbox (Primitive Plus).png APS Mailbox Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 50
Armor Stand (Mobile).png Armor Stand Logo Mobile.svg 400 6
Artifact Pedastal.png Artifact Pedastal 2500 1
Auto Turret.png Auto Turret 3000 24
Bakers Oven (Primitive Plus).png Bakers Oven Primitive Plus Icon.png 700 15
Ballista Turret.png Ballista Turret 7000
Barrel of Gunpowder (Primitive Plus).png Barrel of Gunpowder Primitive Plus Icon.png 2000
Bee Hive.png Bee Hive 5000 45
Bee Hive (Mobile).png Bee Hive Logo Mobile.svg 5000 45
Beer Barrel.png Beer Barrel 5000 10
Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gate (Scorched Earth).png Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gate Scorched Earth Icon.png 15000
Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gateway (Scorched Earth).png Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gateway Scorched Earth Icon.png 15000
Behemoth Gate.png Behemoth Gate 12500
Behemoth Gateway.png Behemoth Gateway 20000
Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate.png Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate 12500
Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway.png Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway 20000
Behemoth Tek Gate.png Behemoth Tek Gate 12500
Behemoth Tek Gateway.png Behemoth Tek Gateway 20000
Big Bonfire (Primitive Plus).png Big Bonfire Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 6
Big Campfire (Primitive Plus).png Big Campfire Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 6
Big Fence - Opening (Primitive Plus).png Big Fence - Opening Primitive Plus Icon.png
Big Fence - Post (Primitive Plus).png Big Fence - Post Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Big Fence - Section (Primitive Plus).png Big Fence - Section Primitive Plus Icon.png
Big Stone Fence (Primitive Plus).png Big Stone Fence Primitive Plus Icon.png
Birthday Cake.png Birthday Cake 100
Bookshelf.png Bookshelf 2000 100
Box Hedge (Mobile).png Box Hedge Logo Mobile.svg 300
Brazier (Primitive Plus).png Brazier Primitive Plus Icon.png 1000 25
Brick Ceiling (Primitive Plus).png Brick Ceiling Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Reinforced Dinosaur Gate.png Brick Dinosaur Gate Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Brick Dinosaur Gateway (Primitive Plus).png Brick Dinosaur Gateway Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Brick Doorframe (Primitive Plus).png Brick Doorframe Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Brick Foundation (Primitive Plus).png Brick Foundation Primitive Plus Icon.png 50000
Brick Half Paver (Mobile).png Brick Half Paver Logo Mobile.svg 3000
Brick Paver (Mobile).png Brick Paver Logo Mobile.svg 3000
Brick Pillar (Primitive Plus).png Brick Pillar Primitive Plus Icon.png 20000
Brick Ramp (Primitive Plus).png Brick Ramp Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Brick Wall (Primitive Plus).png Brick Wall Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Brick Windowframe (Primitive Plus).png Brick Windowframe Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Bunk Bed.png Bunk Bed 5000
Bunny Egg.png Bunny Egg
Campfire.png Campfire 100 3
Candle (Primitive Plus).png Candle Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 8
Cannon.png Cannon 5000 1
Cantilever Platform (Mobile).png Cantilever Platform Logo Mobile.svg 70000
Carnotaurus Statue (Mobile).png Carnotaurus Statue Logo Mobile.svg 10000
Catapult Turret.png Catapult Turret 7000 10
Cauldron (Primitive Plus).png Cauldron Primitive Plus Icon.png 1500 50
Ceiling Lamp (Primitive Plus).png Ceiling Lamp Primitive Plus Icon.png 1500 8
Cement Mixer (Primitive Plus).png Cement Mixer Primitive Plus Icon.png 1000 25
Ceramic Planter (Mobile).png Ceramic Planter Logo Mobile.svg 2500 10
Ceramic Pot (Mobile).png Ceramic Pot Logo Mobile.svg 5000 10
Ceramic Vase (Mobile).png Ceramic Vase Logo Mobile.svg 100 3
Charge Node (Aberration).png Charge Node Aberration Icon.png 20
Chef Station (Mobile).png Chef Station Logo Mobile.svg 1500
Chemistry Bench.png Chemistry Bench 2500 60
Cloning Chamber.png Cloning Chamber 7000 48
Compost Bin.png Compost Bin 8
Cone Hedge (Mobile).png Cone Hedge Logo Mobile.svg 300
Construction Table (Primitive Plus).png Construction Table Primitive Plus Icon.png 5000 60
Cooking Pot.png Cooking Pot 500 12
Cooking Station (Primitive Plus).png Cooking Station Primitive Plus Icon.png 1000 20
Covered Wooden Cabinet (Primitive Plus).png Covered Wooden Cabinet Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 10
Crop Bed (Round) (Mobile).png Crop Bed (Round) Logo Mobile.svg 6000 10
Crop Bed (Square) (Mobile).png Crop Bed (Square) Logo Mobile.svg 6000 10
Cryofridge.png Cryofridge 20000 72
Curved Metal Battlement (Mobile).png Curved Metal Battlement Logo Mobile.svg 20000
Curved Stone Battlement (Mobile).png Curved Stone Battlement Logo Mobile.svg 20000
Deadfall Trap (Primitive Plus).png Deadfall Trap Primitive Plus Icon.png 3000
Delivery Crate (Extinction).png Delivery Crate Extinction Icon.png 500 25
Digital Clock (Mobile).png Digital Clock Logo Mobile.svg 1000
Dinghy (Primitive Plus).png Dinghy Primitive Plus Icon.png
Dino Leash (Extinction).png Dino Leash Extinction Icon.png 2500
Dinosaur Gate.png Dinosaur Gate 6250
Dinosaur Gateway.png Dinosaur Gateway 10000
Dire Bear Rug (Mobile).png Dire Bear Rug Logo Mobile.svg 800 1
Direwolf Rug (Mobile).png Direwolf Rug Logo Mobile.svg 800 1
Dodo Rug (Mobile).png Dodo Rug Logo Mobile.svg 800 1
Dragon Flag.png Dragon Flag 3000
Dye Studio (Mobile).png Dye Studio Logo Mobile.svg 1500
Eerie Turret (Mobile).png Eerie Turret Logo Mobile.svg 5000 24
Electrical Generator.png Electrical Generator 1000 8
Electrical Outlet.png Electrical Outlet 100
Elegant Bed (Mobile).png Elegant Bed Logo Mobile.svg 8000
Elegant Bench (Mobile).png Elegant Bench Logo Mobile.svg 700
Elegant Chair (Mobile).png Elegant Chair Logo Mobile.svg 700
Elegant Lamp (Mobile).png Elegant Lamp Logo Mobile.svg 500
Elegant Table (Mobile).png Elegant Table Logo Mobile.svg 1300
Element Node (Extinction).png Element Node Extinction Icon.png 10000
Elevator Track.png Elevator Track 8000
Equus Statue (Mobile).png Equus Statue Logo Mobile.svg 4000
Fabricator.png Fabricator 2500 70
Factory (Mobile).png Factory Logo Mobile.svg 1500
Feeding Trough.png Feeding Trough 2000 60
Fermenting Barrel (Primitive Plus).png Fermenting Barrel Primitive Plus Icon.png 600 20
Firewood Holder (Primitive Plus).png Firewood Holder Primitive Plus Icon.png 3000 35
Fish Basket (Aberration).png Fish Basket Aberration Icon.png 300
Fish Trap (Primitive Plus).png Fish Trap Primitive Plus Icon.png
Flexible Electrical Cable.png Flexible Electrical Cable
Dinosaur Bone.png Fossil Pile 0
Fruit Press (Primitive Plus).png Fruit Press Primitive Plus Icon.png 1000 25
Garden Gnome (Mobile).png Garden Gnome Logo Mobile.svg 1000
Gas Collector (Aberration).png Gas Collector Aberration Icon.png 7500 24
Geopolymer Cement Foundation (Mobile).png Geopolymer Cement Foundation Logo Mobile.svg 23000
Giant Adobe Hatchframe (Scorched Earth).png Giant Adobe Hatchframe Scorched Earth Icon.png 15000
Giant Adobe Trapdoor (Scorched Earth).png Giant Adobe Trapdoor Scorched Earth Icon.png 15000
Giant Metal Hatchframe.png Giant Metal Hatchframe 15000
Giant Metal Trapdoor.png Giant Metal Trapdoor 15000
Giant Reinforced Trapdoor.png Giant Reinforced Trapdoor 15000
Giant Stone Hatchframe.png Giant Stone Hatchframe 15000
Gift Box.png Gift Box 500 3
Giganotosaurus Statue (Mobile).png Giganotosaurus Statue Logo Mobile.svg 30000
Gigantopithecus Rug (Mobile).png Gigantopithecus Rug Logo Mobile.svg 800 1
Glass Vase (Mobile).png Glass Vase Logo Mobile.svg 200 10
Gorilla Flag.png Gorilla Flag 3000
Gravel Half Paver (Mobile).png Gravel Half Paver Logo Mobile.svg 400
Gravel Paver (Mobile).png Gravel Paver Logo Mobile.svg 400
Gravestone.png Gravestone 1200
Greenhouse Ceiling.png Greenhouse Ceiling 2000
Greenhouse Door.png Greenhouse Door 1200
Greenhouse Doorframe.png Greenhouse Doorframe 2000
Greenhouse Double Door.png Greenhouse Double Door 1800
Greenhouse Double Doorframe.png Greenhouse Double Doorframe 2000
Greenhouse Triangle Ceiling.png Greenhouse Triangle Ceiling 1000
Greenhouse Triangle Roof.png Greenhouse Triangle Roof 1000
Greenhouse Wall.png Greenhouse Wall 2000
Greenhouse Window.png Greenhouse Window 2000
Grindstone (Primitive Plus).png Grindstone Primitive Plus Icon.png
Handmill (Primitive Plus).png Handmill Primitive Plus Icon.png 2000 30
Heavy Auto Turret.png Heavy Auto Turret 20000 96
Hide Sleeping Bag.png Hide Sleeping Bag 3000
Holiday Lights.png Holiday Lights 500
Holiday Stocking.png Holiday Stocking 500
Holiday Tree.png Holiday Tree 1000
Homing Underwater Mine.png Homing Underwater Mine 1200
Industrial Cooker.png Industrial Cooker 13000 48
Industrial Cooker (Primitive Plus).png Industrial Cooker Primitive Plus Icon.png 13000 48
Industrial Forge.png Industrial Forge 27000 60
Industrial Forge (Primitive Plus).png Industrial Forge Primitive Plus Icon.png 20000 60
Industrial Grill.png Industrial Grill 50
Industrial Grill (Primitive Plus).png Industrial Grill Primitive Plus Icon.png 6000 24
Industrial Grinder.png Industrial Grinder 2500 60
Kairuku Statue (Mobile).png Kairuku Statue Logo Mobile.svg 4000
King Titan Flag (Extinction).png King Titan Flag Extinction Icon.png 3000
Lamppost.png Lamppost 500 2
Lantern (Primitive Plus).png Lantern Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 8
Large Adobe Wall (Scorched Earth).png Large Adobe Wall Scorched Earth Icon.png 18000
Large Crop Plot.png Large Crop Plot 5000 10
Large Elegant Rug (Mobile).png Large Elegant Rug Logo Mobile.svg 700
Large Elevator Platform.png Large Elevator Platform 10000
Large Metal Wall.png Large Metal Wall 18000
Large Stone Wall.png Large Stone Wall 18000
Large Storage Box.png Large Storage Box 2400 45
Large Taxidermy Base (Extinction).png Large Taxidermy Base Extinction Icon.png 5000
Large Tek Wall.png Large Tek Wall 18000
Large Wood Elevator Platform (Aberration).png Large Wood Elevator Platform Aberration Icon.png 5000
Large Wooden Wall.png Large Wooden Wall 18000
Large Woven Rug (Mobile).png Large Woven Rug Logo Mobile.svg 700
Left-Sloped Lumber Wall (Primitive Plus).png Left-Sloped Lumber Wall Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Loading Bench (Mobile).png Loading Bench Logo Mobile.svg 1500
Lumber Bench (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Bench Primitive Plus Icon.png
Lumber Ceiling (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Ceiling Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Lumber Chair (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Chair Primitive Plus Icon.png
Lumber Dinosaur Gate (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Dinosaur Gate Primitive Plus Icon.png 15000
Lumber Dinosaur Gateway (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Dinosaur Gateway Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Lumber Door (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Door Primitive Plus Icon.png 13000
Lumber Doorframe (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Doorframe Primitive Plus Icon.png 13000
Wooden Foundation.png Lumber Foundation Primitive Plus Icon.png 15000
Lumber Glass Ceiling (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Glass Ceiling Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Lumber Glass Doorframe (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Glass Doorframe Primitive Plus Icon.png 13000
Lumber Glass Wall (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Glass Wall Primitive Plus Icon.png 13000
Lumber Glass Windowframe (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Glass Windowframe Primitive Plus Icon.png 13000
Lumber Mill (Mobile).png Lumber Mill Logo Mobile.svg 1500
Lumber Pillar (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Pillar Primitive Plus Icon.png
Lumber Ramp (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Ramp Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Lumber Station (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Station Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000 25
Lumber Table (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Table Primitive Plus Icon.png 1000
Lumber Wall (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Wall Primitive Plus Icon.png 13000
Lumber Window (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Window Primitive Plus Icon.png 13000
Lumber Windowframe (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Windowframe Primitive Plus Icon.png
Mail Exchange (Mobile).png Mail Exchange Logo Mobile.svg 50000 300
Manticore Flag (Scorched Earth).png Manticore Flag Scorched Earth Icon.png 3000
Marble Half Paver (Mobile).png Marble Half Paver Logo Mobile.svg 8000
Marble Paver (Mobile).png Marble Paver Logo Mobile.svg 8000
Market Stall (Primitive Plus).png Market Stall Primitive Plus Icon.png 2000
Medium Crop Plot.png Medium Crop Plot 5000 10
Medium Elevator Platform.png Medium Elevator Platform 10000
Medium Taxidermy Base (Extinction).png Medium Taxidermy Base Extinction Icon.png 2000
Medium Wood Elevator Platform (Aberration).png Medium Wood Elevator Platform Aberration Icon.png 5000
Metal Battlement (Mobile).png Metal Battlement Logo Mobile.svg 20000
Metal Billboard.png Metal Billboard 6000
Metal Catwalk.png Metal Catwalk 6250
Metal Ceiling.png Metal Ceiling 10000
Metal Cliff Platform (Aberration).png Metal Cliff Platform Aberration Icon.png 100000
Metal Dinosaur Gate.png Metal Dinosaur Gate 6250
Metal Dinosaur Gateway.png Metal Dinosaur Gateway 10000
Metal Door.png Metal Door 6250
Metal Doorframe.png Metal Doorframe 10000
Metal Double Door.png Metal Double Door 8000
Metal Double Doorframe.png Metal Double Doorframe 10000
Metal Fence Foundation.png Metal Fence Foundation 10000
Metal Fence Support.png Metal Fence Support 10000
Metal Foundation.png Metal Foundation 15000
Metal Foundry (Mobile).png Metal Foundry Logo Mobile.svg 1500
Metal Hatchframe.png Metal Hatchframe 10000
Metal Irrigation Pipe - Flexible.png Metal Irrigation Pipe - Flexible
Metal Irrigation Pipe - Tap.png Metal Irrigation Pipe - Tap 100 4
Metal Ladder.png Metal Ladder 3125
Metal Mailbox (Mobile).png Metal Mailbox Logo Mobile.svg 10000 50
Metal Pillar.png Metal Pillar 6250
Metal Railing.png Metal Railing 10000
Metal Ramp.png Metal Ramp 10000
Metal Sign.png Metal Sign 1000
Metal Spike Wall.png Metal Spike Wall 5000
Metal Staircase.png Metal Staircase 10000
Metal Stairs.png Metal Stairs 10000
Metal Trapdoor.png Metal Trapdoor 6250
Metal Tree Platform.png Metal Tree Platform 100000
Metal Triangle Ceiling.png Metal Triangle Ceiling 5000
Metal Triangle Foundation.png Metal Triangle Foundation 7500
Metal Triangle Roof.png Metal Triangle Roof 5000
Metal Wall.png Metal Wall 10000
Metal Wall Sign.png Metal Wall Sign 500
Metal Water Reservoir.png Metal Water Reservoir 15000 10
Metal Window.png Metal Window 6250
Metal Windowframe.png Metal Windowframe 10000
Miners Box (Primitive Plus).png Miners Box Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000 75
Minigun Turret.png Minigun Turret 7000 24
Mirror (Scorched Earth).png Mirror Scorched Earth Icon.png
Modern Grill (Primitive Plus).png Modern Grill Primitive Plus Icon.png 2000 24
Modern Hanging Shelf (Primitive Plus).png Modern Hanging Shelf Primitive Plus Icon.png 3000 30
Modern Storage Shelf (Fiber) (Primitive Plus).png Modern Storage Shelf (Fiber) Primitive Plus Icon.png 3000 100
Modern Storage Shelf (Primitive Plus).png Modern Storage Shelf Primitive Plus Icon.png 3000 100
Modular Table (Primitive Plus).png Modular Table Primitive Plus Icon.png
Mortar And Pestle.png Mortar and Pestle 1000 12
Motorboat.png Motorboat 32000 1
Multi-Panel Flag.png Multi-Panel Flag 3000
Oil Pump (Scorched Earth).png Oil Pump Scorched Earth Icon.png 7500 50
Oil Tank (Primitive Plus).png Oil Tank Primitive Plus Icon.png 7500 100
Omnidirectional Lamppost.png Omnidirectional Lamppost 500 2
Outpost (Mobile).png Outpost Logo Mobile.svg 1500
Painting Canvas.png Painting Canvas 500
Plant Species X.png Plant Species X 1500
Pontoon Bridge (Primitive Plus).png Pontoon Bridge Primitive Plus Icon.png 15000
Portable Rope Ladder (Aberration).png Portable Rope Ladder Aberration Icon.png
Preserving Bin.png Preserving Bin 600 24
Preserving Campfire (Primitive Plus).png Preserving Campfire Primitive Plus Icon.png 1200 20
Pteranodon Statue (Mobile).png Pteranodon Statue Logo Mobile.svg 6000
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin 100
Racing Flag (Mobile).png Racing Flag Logo Mobile.svg 5000
Refining Forge.png Refining Forge 2500 8
Refrigerator.png Refrigerator 1000 48
Reinforced Dinosaur Gate.png Reinforced Dinosaur Gate 6250
Reinforced Double Door.png Reinforced Double Door 8000
Reinforced Glass Door (Primitive Plus).png Reinforced Glass Door Primitive Plus Icon.png 6250
Reinforced Glass Window (Primitive Plus).png Reinforced Glass Window Primitive Plus Icon.png
Reinforced Trapdoor.png Reinforced Trapdoor 6250
Reinforced Window.png Reinforced Window 6250
Reinforced Wooden Door.png Reinforced Wooden Door 6250
Remote Keypad.png Remote Keypad 100 2
Revival Platform (Mobile).png Revival Platform Logo Mobile.svg 50000 20
Right-Sloped Lumber Wall (Primitive Plus).png Right-Sloped Lumber Wall Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Rock Half Paver (Mobile).png Rock Half Paver Logo Mobile.svg 2000
Rock Paver (Mobile).png Rock Paver Logo Mobile.svg 2000
Rocket Turret.png Rocket Turret 7000 24
Rockwell Flag (Aberration).png Rockwell Flag Aberration Icon.png 3000
Rope Ladder.png Rope Ladder 1600
Round Elegant Rug (Mobile).png Round Elegant Rug Logo Mobile.svg 700
Round Hedge (Mobile).png Round Hedge Logo Mobile.svg 300
Round Woven Rug (Mobile).png Round Woven Rug Logo Mobile.svg 700
Sabertooth Rug (Mobile).png Sabertooth Rug Logo Mobile.svg 800 1
Scarecrow.png Scarecrow 500
Shag Rug (Aberration).png Shag Rug Aberration Icon.png 500
Simple Bed.png Simple Bed 1000
Simple Curtains (Mobile).png Simple Curtains Logo Mobile.svg 100
Simple Hammock (Primitive Plus).png Simple Hammock Primitive Plus Icon.png 1000
Simple Mailbox (Mobile).png Simple Mailbox Logo Mobile.svg 5000 20
Single Panel Flag.png Single Panel Flag 3000
Sink (Primitive Plus).png Sink Primitive Plus Icon.png 25
Sloped Adobe Roof (Scorched Earth).png Sloped Adobe Roof Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Sloped Adobe Wall Left (Scorched Earth).png Sloped Adobe Wall Left Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Sloped Adobe Wall Right (Scorched Earth).png Sloped Adobe Wall Right Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Sloped Brick Roof (Primitive Plus).png Sloped Brick Roof Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Sloped Brick Wall Left (Primitive Plus).png Sloped Brick Wall Left Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Sloped Brick Wall Right (Primitive Plus).png Sloped Brick Wall Right Primitive Plus Icon.png 25000
Sloped Cement Roof (Primitive Plus).png Sloped Cement Roof Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Sloped Glass Roof (Primitive Plus).png Sloped Glass Roof Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Greenhouse Roof.png Sloped Greenhouse Roof 2000
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left.png Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left 2000
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right.png Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right 2000
Sloped Lumber Glass Wall Left (Primitive Plus).png Sloped Lumber Glass Wall Left Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Sloped Lumber Glass Wall Right (Primitive Plus).png Sloped Lumber Glass Wall Right Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Sloped Lumber Roof (Primitive Plus).png Sloped Lumber Roof Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Sloped Metal Roof.png Sloped Metal Roof 10000
Sloped Metal Wall Left.png Sloped Metal Wall Left 10000
Sloped Metal Wall Right.png Sloped Metal Wall Right 10000
Sloped Stone Roof.png Sloped Stone Roof 10000
Sloped Stone Wall Left.png Sloped Stone Wall Left 10000
Sloped Stone Wall Right.png Sloped Stone Wall Right 10000
Sloped Tek Roof.png Sloped Tek Roof 10000
Sloped Tek Wall Left.png Sloped Tek Wall Left 10000
Sloped Tek Wall Right.png Sloped Tek Wall Right 10000
Sloped Thatch Roof.png Sloped Thatch Roof 1600
Sloped Thatch Wall Left.png Sloped Thatch Wall Left 1600
Sloped Thatch Wall Right.png Sloped Thatch Wall Right 1600
Sloped Wood Wall Left.png Sloped Wood Wall Left 10000
Sloped Wood Wall Right.png Sloped Wood Wall Right 10000
Sloped Wooden Roof.png Sloped Wooden Roof 10000
Small Crop Plot.png Small Crop Plot 5000 10
Small Elevator Platform.png Small Elevator Platform 10000
Small Stone Fence (Primitive Plus).png Small Stone Fence Primitive Plus Icon.png
Small Taxidermy Base (Extinction).png Small Taxidermy Base Extinction Icon.png 500
Small Wood Elevator Platform (Aberration).png Small Wood Elevator Platform Aberration Icon.png 5000
Smithy.png Smithy 1500 75
Smokehouse (Primitive Plus).png Smokehouse Primitive Plus Icon.png 600 50
Snowman.png Snowman 1000 1
Spider Flag.png Spider Flag
Spinning Mule (Primitive Plus).png Spinning Mule Primitive Plus Icon.png 1000 12
Spinosaur Statue (Mobile).png Spinosaur Statue Logo Mobile.svg 15000
Standing Torch.png Standing Torch 500 8
Steel Handrail (Primitive Plus).png Steel Handrail Primitive Plus Icon.png 4000
Steel Locker (Primitive Plus).png Steel Locker Primitive Plus Icon.png 17500 350
Steel Pillar (Primitive Plus).png Steel Pillar Primitive Plus Icon.png
Steel Safebox (Primitive Plus).png Steel Safebox Primitive Plus Icon.png 7500 350
Steel Water Tower (Primitive Plus).png Steel Water Tower Primitive Plus Icon.png 15000 40
Stolen Headstone.png Stolen Headstone 500
Stone Battlement (Mobile).png Stone Battlement Logo Mobile.svg 20000
Stone Ceiling.png Stone Ceiling 10000
Stone Cliff Platform (Aberration).png Stone Cliff Platform Aberration Icon.png 85000
Stone Dinosaur Gateway.png Stone Dinosaur Gateway 10000
Stone Doorframe.png Stone Doorframe 10000
Stone Double Doorframe.png Stone Double Doorframe 10000
Stone Fence Foundation.png Stone Fence Foundation 10000
Stone Fence Support.png Stone Fence Support 10000
Stone Fireplace.png Stone Fireplace 100 3
Stone Foundation.png Stone Foundation 15000
Stone Hatchframe.png Stone Hatchframe 10000
Stone Irrigation Pipe - Flexible.png Stone Irrigation Pipe - Flexible
Stone Irrigation Pipe - Tap.png Stone Irrigation Pipe - Tap 100 4
Stone Pillar.png Stone Pillar 6250
Stone Planter (Mobile).png Stone Planter Logo Mobile.svg 2500 10
Stone Pot (Mobile).png Stone Pot Logo Mobile.svg 5000 10
Stone Railing.png Stone Railing 10000
Stone Staircase.png Stone Staircase 10000
Stone Stairs.png Stone Stairs 10000
Stone Steps (Mobile).png Stone Steps Logo Mobile.svg 10000
Stone Triangle Ceiling.png Stone Triangle Ceiling 5000
Stone Triangle Foundation.png Stone Triangle Foundation 7500
Stone Triangle Roof.png Stone Triangle Roof 5000
Stone Wall.png Stone Wall 10000
Stone Windowframe.png Stone Windowframe 10000
Stone Workshop (Mobile).png Stone Workshop Logo Mobile.svg 1500
Storage Barrel (Primitive Plus).png Storage Barrel Primitive Plus Icon.png 800 18
Storage Box.png Storage Box 500 15
Storage Chest (Mobile).png Storage Chest Logo Mobile.svg 7500 60
Lantern (Primitive Plus).png Table Lantern Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 8
Tannery (Mobile).png Tannery Logo Mobile.svg 1500
Tanning Rack (Primitive Plus).png Tanning Rack Primitive Plus Icon.png 600 12
Teepee (Primitive Plus).png Teepee Primitive Plus Icon.png 500
Tek ATV.png Tek ATV
Tek Bridge (Extinction).png Tek Bridge Extinction Icon.png 15000
Tek Catwalk.png Tek Catwalk 6250
Tek Ceiling.png Tek Ceiling 10000
Tek Dedicated Storage.png Tek Dedicated Storage 1250 1800
Tek Dinosaur Gate.png Tek Dinosaur Gate 6250
Tek Dinosaur Gateway.png Tek Dinosaur Gateway 10000
Tek Door.png Tek Door 6250
Tek Doorframe.png Tek Doorframe 10000
Tek Double Door.png Tek Double Door 8000
Tek Double Doorframe.png Tek Double Doorframe 10000
Tek Fence Foundation.png Tek Fence Foundation 10000
Tek Fence Support.png Tek Fence Support 10000
Tek Forcefield.png Tek Forcefield 250000 100
Tek Foundation.png Tek Foundation 15000
Tek Generator.png Tek Generator 15000 100
Tek Hatchframe.png Tek Hatchframe 10000
TEK Implant Chamber (Mobile).png TEK Implant Chamber Logo Mobile.svg 200 10
Tek Ladder.png Tek Ladder 3125
Tek Light (Ragnarok).png Tek Light Ragnarok Icon.png 500 12
Tek Pillar.png Tek Pillar 6250
Tek Railing.png Tek Railing 10000
Tek Ramp.png Tek Ramp 10000
Tek Replicator.png Tek Replicator 25000 600
Tek Sleeping Pod (Aberration).png Tek Sleeping Pod Aberration Icon.png 15000
Tek Staircase.png Tek Staircase 10000
Tek Stairs.png Tek Stairs 10000
Tek Teleporter.png Tek Teleporter 15000 100
Tek Transmitter.png Tek Transmitter 25000 100
Tek Trapdoor.png Tek Trapdoor
Tek Triangle Ceiling.png Tek Triangle Ceiling 5000
Tek Triangle Foundation.png Tek Triangle Foundation 7500
Tek Triangle Roof.png Tek Triangle Roof 5000
Tek Trough.png Tek Trough 2000 100
Tek Turret.png Tek Turret 3000 5
Tek Wall.png Tek Wall 10000
Tek Window.png Tek Window 6250
Tek Windowframe.png Tek Windowframe 10000
Tent (Scorched Earth).png Tent Scorched Earth Icon.png 300
Thatch Ceiling.png Thatch Ceiling 1600
Thatch Door.png Thatch Door 1600
Thatch Doorframe.png Thatch Doorframe 2400
Thatch Foundation.png Thatch Foundation 2400
Thatch Wall.png Thatch Wall 1600
Titanoboa Rug (Mobile).png Titanoboa Rug Logo Mobile.svg 800 1
Toilet.png Toilet 500 100
Trading Crate (Bread) (Primitive Plus).png Trading Crate (Bread) Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 15
Trading Crate (Eggs) (Primitive Plus).png Trading Crate (Eggs) Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 15
Trading Crate (Fruits Veggies) (Primitive Plus).png Trading Crate (Fruits Veggies) Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 15
Trading Crate (Primitive Plus).png Trading Crate Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 15
Training Dummy.png Training Dummy 400
Tree Sap Tap.png Tree Sap Tap 1000 1
Trellis Archway (Mobile).png Trellis Archway Logo Mobile.svg 20000
Trellis Fence (Mobile).png Trellis Fence Logo Mobile.svg 12000
Trophy Wall-Mount.png Trophy Wall-Mount 2500 1
Tudor Bar (L Shaped) (Primitive Plus).png Tudor Bar (L Shaped) Primitive Plus Icon.png
Tudor Bar (Primitive Plus).png Tudor Bar Primitive Plus Icon.png
Tusoteuthis Statue (Mobile).png Tusoteuthis Statue Logo Mobile.svg 20000
Vacuum Compartment.png Vacuum Compartment 50000
Vacuum Compartment Moonpool.png Vacuum Compartment Moonpool 50000
Vault.png Vault 50000 350
Vessel (Scorched Earth).png Vessel Scorched Earth Icon.png 6250 4
Wall Torch.png Wall Torch 8
War Map.png War Map 500
Wardrums.png Wardrums 4500
Warning Bell (Mobile).png Warning Bell Logo Mobile.svg 2500
Water Fountain (Mobile).png Water Fountain Logo Mobile.svg 5000 10
Water Reservoir.png Water Reservoir 5000 4
Water Valve (Mobile).png Water Valve Logo Mobile.svg 100
Water Well (Primitive Plus).png Water Well Primitive Plus Icon.png 5000 10
Water Well (Scorched Earth).png Water Well Scorched Earth Icon.png 1000 10
Weapon Mount (Large) (Mobile).png Weapon Mount (Large) Logo Mobile.svg 400 4
Weapon Mount (Small) (Mobile).png Weapon Mount (Small) Logo Mobile.svg 300 1
Weapon Rack (Primitive Plus).png Weapon Rack Primitive Plus Icon.png 3000 25
Well Bucket (Primitive Plus).png Well Bucket Primitive Plus Icon.png
Well Rope (Primitive Plus).png Well Rope Primitive Plus Icon.png 100
Wind Turbine (Scorched Earth).png Wind Turbine Scorched Earth Icon.png 6000
Windmill (Primitive Plus).png Windmill Primitive Plus Icon.png 2000 15
Wood Elevator Top Switch (Aberration).png Wood Elevator Top Switch Aberration Icon.png 2000
Wood Elevator Track (Aberration).png Wood Elevator Track Aberration Icon.png 4000
Wood Handrail (Primitive Plus).png Wood Handrail Primitive Plus Icon.png 2000
Wood Post Fence (Primitive Plus).png Wood Post Fence Primitive Plus Icon.png 10000
Wood Storage Shed (Primitive Plus).png Wood Storage Shed Primitive Plus Icon.png 3000 75
Wooden Arrow Sign (Primitive Plus).png Wooden Arrow Sign Primitive Plus Icon.png
Wooden Bench.png Wooden Bench 500
Wooden Billboard.png Wooden Billboard 3000
Wooden Cabinet (Primitive Plus).png Wooden Cabinet Primitive Plus Icon.png 500 10
Wooden Cage.png Wooden Cage 12000
Wooden Catwalk.png Wooden Catwalk 6250
Wooden Ceiling.png Wooden Ceiling 10000
Wooden Chair.png Wooden Chair 500
Wooden Door.png Wooden Door 6250
Wooden Doorframe.png Wooden Doorframe 10000
Wooden Double Door.png Wooden Double Door 8000
Wooden Double Doorframe.png Wooden Double Doorframe 10000
Wooden Fence Foundation.png Wooden Fence Foundation 10000
Wooden Fence Support.png Wooden Fence Support 10000
Wooden Foundation.png Wooden Foundation 15000
Wooden Hatchframe.png Wooden Hatchframe 10000
Wooden Ladder.png Wooden Ladder 3125
Wooden Pillar.png Wooden Pillar 6250
Wooden Raft.png Wooden Raft 20000
Wooden Railing.png Wooden Railing 10000
Wooden Ramp.png Wooden Ramp 10000
Wooden Sign.png Wooden Sign 500
Wooden Spike Wall.png Wooden Spike Wall 3500
Wooden Staircase.png Wooden Staircase 10000
Wooden Stairs.png Wooden Stairs 10000
Wooden Stairs (One Level) (Primitive Plus).png Wooden Stairs (One Level) Primitive Plus Icon.png 100
Wooden Table.png Wooden Table
Wooden Trapdoor.png Wooden Trapdoor 6250
Wooden Tree Platform.png Wooden Tree Platform 70000
Wooden Triangle Ceiling.png Wooden Triangle Ceiling 5000
Wooden Triangle Foundation.png Wooden Triangle Foundation 7500
Wooden Triangle Roof.png Wooden Triangle Roof 500
Wooden Wall.png Wooden Wall 10000
Wooden Wall Sign.png Wooden Wall Sign 500
Wooden Window.png Wooden Window 6250
Wooden Windowframe.png Wooden Windowframe 10000
Wreath.png Wreath 500
Yurt (Primitive Plus).png Yurt Primitive Plus Icon.png 7000