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Studio Wildcard
Studio Wildcard Logo.png
Development Company behind ARK
Founded 2014

Studio Wildcard is the development company behind the game ARK: Survival Evolved. Studio Wildcard is a Seattle-based company that was founded in 2014 by Jesse Rapczak, who previously was a Technical Art Director at Microsoft Game Studios, and Jeremy Stieglitz, who was previously the creator of Dungeon Defenders.

Team[edit | edit source]

  • Jeremy Stieglitz, aka Drake, (@arkjeremy), Co-Founder and Co-Creative Director, Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Development Director
  • Jesse Rapczak, (@arkjesse), Co-Founder and Co-Creative Director, Art Director, Studio Manager
  • Doug Kennedy, Co-Founder, CEO
  • Kayd Hendricks, aka The Right Hand, (@KaydHendricks), Senior Technical and Gameplay Designer
  • Damien Bull, (@damien_bull), Environment Director and Lead Level Designer
  • Gabriel Robbins, (@gabrielWildcard), Level Designer
  • Waylon Winn, (@WaylonWinn), Lead 3D Artist
  • Navin Supphapholsiri, aka The Right Foot, (@nayvihn), Producer
  • Jatheish Karunakaran, (@Jatheish), Lead Community Manager and Associate Producer
  • Jennifer Stuber, (@bubblywums), Community Manager and QA Analyst
  • Cedric Burkes, (@ComplexMinded), Primitive+ Creator and Sponsored Mod Program Director
  • Ben Burkart, (@evilmrfrank), The Center Creator and Level Designer
  • Chris Gardner, (@CudaCores), Web & Video Producer
  • Adam Graham, (@thelilpanda), Community Hub Lead
  • Zane Ard, (@WC_Zane), Head of Bug Reports and Lead Reproman
  • Rob, (@WC_Stark), Remote Team
  • Eli, (@WC_Eli), Assistant Community Manager
  • Chris Willoughby, (@arkchrisw), Lead Programmer
  • Joshua Hines, (@ZenRowe), Mod Community Manager
  • David Miller, aka Dave, (@ExcitedKangaroo), Ragnarok Creator and Level Designer
  • Jackson Lawrence, (@JacksonLawr3nce), Ragnarok Creator and Level Designer
  • Skittle, (@Skittlis), QA Team for Studio Wildcard

Alumni[edit | edit source]

  • Susan Claire Stieglitz, (@SusanCStieglitz), Co-Founder and Business Manager
  • Joshua Mosman, Head of Customer Service & Lead Game Moderator
  • Craig Brown, (@CraigBCBrown), Senior Technical and Gameplay Designer
  • William Tate, (@WillTate91), 3D Environment Artist
  • Jason Zhao, aka The Left Foot, (@KageRamen), Technical Artist and VFX Artist

References[edit | edit source]