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The Survival Guide is a guide that can walk you throughout the traits of being a survivor. The Survival Guide can be found when you are on the starting screen. It goes through all aspects of being a survivor as I said before including the INTRODUCTION which includes a little inspiring message. Next is the User Interface which includes "Overview" "Hud" "Radial Wheel" "Inventory" "Experience" and "Engrams".Thirdly we have CRAFTING which includes "Harvesting" "Crafting" "Shelter" "Placement" "Tiers" and "Crafting Station". Fourthly we have CREATURES AND TAMING which in my opinion are the best aspect of the game but let us get back into the Survival Guide and not as much my opinion. Creatures and taming include "Creatures" Torpor Taming" and "Passive Taming". Lastly we have EXPLORATION which is also one of my favorites anyways Exploration includes "Navigation" and "Exploration".