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I would question very much whether it's actually cheaper. Once you've built the compost bins, regular fertilizer just costs thatch - the cheapest of all resources - and feces - which you should be drowning in if you have at least three medium-sized animals. Bonemeal takes keratin, which is not always easy to get.

You forget how long a Compost Bin takes to make Fertiliser. A Compost Bin takes approximately 50 minutes to turn 3 Feces and 50 Thatch into 1 Fertiliser that gives 54,000 units of nutrients to one Crop Plot. A Handmill takes five seconds to turn 1 Keratin, 3 Spoiled Meat, 5 Hide and 3 Charcoal into one Bonemeal Fertiliser that gives 90,000 units of nutrients to one Crop Plot. When these values are converted into units of nutrients per second, the Bonemeal Fertiliser gives 18,000 units per second, while the regular Fertiliser gives approximately 18 units per second. The Bonemeal Fertiliser is, quite literally, a thousand times faster. 07:52, 24 January 2019 (UTC)