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Kibble use:[edit source]

12 kibble for lvl 72 itchy (official server, v195.1) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Dajud (talkcontribs) at 13:44, 9 August 2015(UTC). Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Ichthy ASIG
Ichthy Size

Taming Locations[edit source]

Footpaw - on the south side of Footpaw there is a long finger peninsula, with a shallow river (at 78, 36) on the western side leading northeast into a small lake. Pods of wild Ichthys occasionally swim up this river and can be easily seen with their dorsal fins sticking up out of the water. The river is too shallow for wild Megalodons, making this an easy place to tame them without fear of serious attack (though watch your back for Megapiranha). Sometimes they get caught on the smooth stones (the ones that sometimes give a small amount of Metal) - there's even a spot where the smooth stones form an almost perfect "fish trap", with a narrow opening between the stones to allow the Ichthys in, but they often get caught on the stones trying to get out. If you tame an Ichthy caught on a stone, mine the stone out from under the Ichthy to make it easier to get out. You may want to clear out any Carbonemys in the area before attempting your tame - occasionally the wild Ichthys will attack them, and the turtles may kill them before you can finish the tame! Tarnutz (talk) 18:14, 18 March 2016 (UTC)