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Just for info, on our server vegetables dont work! maybe change that information.

for questions steam "Pollerino"

Difference between fast pickpocket and regular pickpocket?[edit source]

Can anyone clarify the difference between the fast pickpocket setting and regular one? I have notivced no difference 04:00, 23 January 2017 (UTC)

Pego died while taming, PS4[edit source]

I built a taming pen out in the wilds where I knew there were Pegos and picked one up with my Ptero and dropped him in. Came back about 10 minutes later with an inventory full of mejo berries. Pego was still in there, looking quite miffed at his predicament. I landed my Ptero outside, broke up my mejos into stacks of 20, and hopped in.

After grabbing about six stacks from my hot bar, the Pego died when it went for a seventh. Nothing nearby to attack it and my Ptero was on passive. Did it hurt itself by leaping at a wall, or did it hurt itself on my armor? I know you can hurt yourself punching trees and rocks so I was wondering if the same mechanic might apply. Will definitely tame naked or wearing cloth next time just in case.

Taolan13 -- 17:21, 4 March 2018 (UTC)