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Titan size comparison[edit source]

I'm surprised nobody has tried comparing Rockwell to the Titans, Specifically the King Titan. It is possible to spawn Rockwell outside of his arena, even on other maps; but he will be super glitchy and will often go into a "T-Pose", his tentacles also stand straight up when not attacking. I've never fought the King Titan and I only know the strategy, not the fight, I wish to fight him with minimal knowledge legitimately, so I can't test this myself. I think Rockwell might be the biggest creature in the entire game, judging by his size by spawning him in a really flat Procedural map I use as a sandbox.
Regardless, all that needs to be done here is spawn the other titans in the Rockwell Arena or spawn them in a suitably sized flat area; then compare sizes. 13:05, 11 January 2019 (UTC)