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Talk:Teeming Caverns (Aberration)

From ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki
Jump to: navigation, search These two pages are so strange though it seems someone has put the actual part of this "Cave" on the map. I think I might look for this later today see if I can actually find it using the location they say its in. I can sadly but happily say that the Teeming Caverns don't exist however I did find proof that they might of been a planned feature and possibly was going to be the location of the Artifact of The Lost or just a huge unique section of the map. I did find two locations that connect to the same mysterious spot which I think could of been where the planned entrance to the Teeming Caverns could of been which are 72.3,79.6 and 72.8,81.0 which leads me to believe that the section itself was scrapped.