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A teleporter, which "will be very, very, pricey."[1][2]
Power Armor (Tek Armor) with special properties. "It alters how much and how long you’re affected by debuffs, reduces fall damage, and other special properties! These capabilities do, however, require periodic recharging... "[3]
Surveillance equipment[4]
Heat vision[2]
Underwater bases that are vacuum sealed. "If the structure is completely enclosed, all doors are closed, and a unit per area called a “Venilator” is powered, then that volume will be free of water and you’ll have oxygen. If it’s not, you’ll be underwater and won’t have oxygen. You can construct air locks to provide a method of entering and exiting that doesn’t flood the inner compartments."[1]
A force field[4]
Shield Generators[5]
Cloaking Devices[5]
Plasma Swords
An unnamed Tek Tier Grenade
Dino Armor Like Rex armor (See video), Giga Lazer and Mosasaurus Armor.
TEK Helmet will have a better/clear underwater vision[7] Potential airships/airship bases Ark Digest 28 Cloning chamber with DNA recombination Ark Digest 38 Refrigerated feeding troughArk Digest 35 Laser Trip wire Ark Digest 32 EMP-weapon to disable electrical devices ARK Digest 40 Multi-HUD Visor (magnifying glass for the distance, maybe with more stat-infos)ARK Digest 40