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Taming of the Boa[edit source]

I did some testing today and the only way I was able to tame one, was by using the "forcetame" command - even that took me a pit with 20 snakes, as their box of action is so weird, to get the command of use. But now it get's interesting: you can't access the inventory! Instead E opens only the "change name" menu. "F" for accessing remote inventories doesn't work either. So you won't be able to feed your boa either. Wished that would work, so I could have checked if you can rise the Torpor in any matter, but indications are, one ain't able to tame a boa with regular methods. Sadly.

If wanted I can provide screenshots taken today to prove that matter (screenshot of snakepit, tamed snake, action wheel (holding E - only has 7 options: change name, unclaim, Order follow, Set aggression, Cycle aggression, En-/Disable Wandering and Disable Victim Item collect - so clearly missing access inventory)

I tested all other "Non-tameables" but the boa was the only one with this exact matter.

Methods I tried to tame them:

  • having raw Meat/Spoiled Meat /Prime Meat /Dodo Egg in last item slot
  • punshing them
  • Tranq Arrows (just to make sure)
  • Scorpion bite
  • Slingshot

Nothing made them unconscious. Think that's enough prove as of 184.1 --Amkorra (talk) 15:33, 9 July 2015 (UTC)