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Presently the belief is that the wind percentage in an area is the percentage chance of a turbine generating power in the area. So the higher percentages means higher chance of up time for power. This then means you can reduce down time by having multiple generators to increase the chance of power being produced. An example is an 85% wind area. A single generator should be down 15% of the time, two down at 2.25%, and three should be .34%. This means that on average the power grind should be down roughly 5 minutes of the day with three generators.

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I believe that the wiki article on arrays of turbines is either incorrect or no longer true. On an official PVP server running 252.22, I am able to take an offline network and place new turbines until one of the new ones turns on and powers the grid. I also have seen some turbines on while others are off, directly contradicting the youtube video listed as a reference. The youtuber was looking for this behavior, but did not see it on his server. It probably has been changed in the game since this video was made. Recommend new testing.

Frough (talk) 08:42, 30 November 2016 (UTC)