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Talk:Wooden Catwalk

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Data Obtained from Testing:

  • Catwalks need a snap point to place.
  • Catwalks snap to foundations but foundations cannot snap to a catwalk. To make a perfect snap, you will need both foundations lined up with an air spot between them the size of another foundation. A good way to do this is just to place 3 foundations in a line and then demolish the middle one.
  • If you can accurately guesstimate where the catwalk will snap to, you can place both foundations first and still have the catwalk reach both sides. (Note: This will not make an accurate foundation snap but will still work)
  • Catwalks only point in one direction currently. The direction of the catwalk is perpendicular to the orientation of the structure that it is snapped to.
  • Smaller structures like fireplaces and pestle and mortars can be placed below catwalks.
  • Even though you can place items through the space between two catwalks, you will not be able to access the entity containers as the catwalks block the Option targeting. Here is a picture because that is confusing.File:TestCatwalktest.png
Actually this may also be due to distance from object.. I need to test more.
A catwalk ingame

Vorlice (talk) 17:45, 3 September 2015 (UTC)