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Taming Pens[edit | edit source]

Taming Pens or Traps are structures that are built to trap a creature for taming. Each creature is unique and requires a different type of Taming Pen. Below is some information on different types of Taming Pen to use in different types of situations.

Griffin.png Griffin Trap[edit | edit source]

Griffin.png Griffins are hard to knock-out in the wild because they require a lot of Darts to knockout and they fly very fast so trapping one is recommended. While trapping one is not so easy, it is the best method to ensure that you won't lose your Griffin.png Griffin to torpor flee or creatures attacking it when it is knocked-out.

Tutorials on how to Build[edit | edit source]

Tutorial by Syntac.

Tutorial by nooblets.com.

Argentavis.png Argentavis Trap[edit | edit source]

After the 2nd TLC Pass was released, Argents have become one of the most desired fliers. Using a trap is beneficial because like most tameable fliers, this one will flee when its Torpor is high enough. Traps are also useful because they provide protection from creatures that might attack the Argy.

Tutorials on how to Build[edit | edit source]

Tutorial by Rampage.

Tutorial by Kamz 25.

Wyvern.png Wyvern Milk Trap[edit | edit source]

Although Wyvern.png Wyverns cannot be tamed, the babies require the milk for food as well as Imprinting. This trap is useful for trapping the females for an easy knockout. The trap can also be used to kill Alpha Fire Wyvern.png Alpha Wyverns.

Tutorials on how to Build[edit | edit source]

Tutorial by Phlinger Phoo.

Tutorial by Fresonis.

Phoenix.png Phoenix Trap[edit | edit source]

Since the Phoenix.png Phoenix's release with the official launch of ARK, they have been one of the most elusive creatures in ARK, appearing only during Heat Events. Although many claim that Fire Wyvern.png Fire Wyvern Breath is the most effective way to tame them, it is hard to navigate and the Phoenix.png Phoenix will be lost until the next Heat Event. An easy way to trap them would be inside of a Quetzal.png Quetzal box on the Quetzal Platform Saddle or to wait out the Heat Event to the end and track down the Ash Pile that the Phoenix.png Phoenix turns into until the next Heat Event.

Tutorials on how to Build[edit | edit source]

Tutorial by TagBack TV.

Tutorial by Syntac.