Tek Cave

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Tek Cave
Tek Cave Inside2.jpg
A cave located at the summit of the Volcano, used to Ascend and "complete" the game.
The Island Topographic Map.jpg
42.8° Lat, 39.2° Lon

The Tek Cave is a cave located at the summit of the volcano, and upon completing said cave, the player will Ascend.

Tribute Requirement[edit | edit source]

The following items are needed to open the Tek Cave entrance:

Item Required Gamma Beta Alpha
Player Level 60 80 100
Gamma Broodmother Trophy.png Gamma Broodmother Trophy 1
Gamma Megapithecus Trophy.png Gamma Megapithecus Trophy 1
Gamma Dragon Trophy.png Gamma Dragon Trophy 1
Broodmother Trophy.png Beta Broodmother Trophy 1
Beta Megapithecus Trophy.png Beta Megapithecus Trophy 1
Beta Dragon Trophy.png Beta Dragon Trophy 1
Alpha Broodmother Trophy.png Alpha Broodmother Trophy 1
Alpha Megapithecus Trophy.png Alpha Megapithecus Trophy 1
Alpha Dragon Trophy.png Alpha Dragon Trophy 1
Alpha Raptor Claw.png Alpha Raptor Claw 1 1
Alpha Carnotaurus Arm.png Alpha Carnotaurus Arm 1 1
Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth.png Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth 1 1
Alpha Megalodon Fin.png Alpha Megalodon Fin 1
Alpha Mosasaur Tooth.png Alpha Mosasaur Tooth 1
Alpha Tusoteuthis Eye.png Alpha Tusoteuthis Eye 1
Alpha Leedsichthys Blubber.png Alpha Leedsichthys Blubber 1

Recommended Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Ghillie Chestpiece.png Ghillie Armor to deal with the extreme heat.
  • This cave is really hot, so you want to bring some Calien Soup.png Calien Soup along with Canteen.png Water.
  • You would need a lot of powerful weapons. It is best to use ascendant items, such as several Rocket Launcher.png Rocket Launcher, a Tek Rifle.png Tek Rifle, Tek Grenade.png Tek Grenade, or any other weaponry.
  • Bring any kind of ranged weapons (even a ramshackle crossbow is fine) to aggro lots of wild animals in the cave and make them fall in the lava caves. It makes the cave much easier, especially if you can send the Giga in the lava.
  • Bringing sacrificial tames such as Carbonemys are a good idea to send into the lava once you have shot it with a Pheromone Dart.png Pheromone Dart, drawing wild Dinos with it.
  • It is completely possible to do the entire cave in around 35 mins with a set of Ghillie Chestpiece.png Ghillie Armor and using some Cactus Broth (Scorched Earth).png Cactus Broth Scorched Earth Icon.png, Where you just crawl through the cave and get zero aggro and no chance of losing tames; however, you cannot ascend unless the final boss is beaten (introduced in patch 267.0).

Dangers[edit | edit source]

  • Lava pits. Your unridden animals can easily fall into the lava from the narrow bridges, especially when they are on neutral and fighting the wild dinos. Because of this, it is recommended to bring more players rather than bringing in unridden dinos.
  • Getting knocked off your mount.
  • Massive swarms of high level dinos.
  • The Giganotosaurus guarding the entrance to the portal.
  • Extreme heat.
  • The lava in the caldera in front of the gate (before entering the cave) hurts a lot, so make sure your Rexes don't step into it. Make sure you bring enough raw meat in case one of your Rexes misstep to be able to forcefeed them to max health if lava burned them.
  • You will need cold weather gear, as after you pass the first area the temperature will drop to extreme cold and can kill you before you teleport to the next area. Which is also extremely cold.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Compatible Tamed Creatures[edit | edit source]

This table is incomplete.
You can help us by adding the tamed creatures you know can enter the cave. If the creature can't enter, please exclude it.

Accessibility Ratings:

  • Excellent: Full-Cave Access (Entrance-to-Artifact)
  • Limited: Can Access Portions of the Cave Safely
  • Not Recommended: Can Get Stuck/Unable to Leave Cave
Creature Accessibility Rideable Notes
Allosaurus.png Allosaurus Excellent Yes
  •  A pack of 4 minimum
Carnotaurus.png Carno Excellent Yes
Daeodon.png Daeodon Excellent Yes
Diplodocus.png Diplodocus Excellent Yes
Griffin.png Griffin Excellent Unofficial/
Megalania.png Megalania Excellent Yes
Rex.png Rex Excellent Yes
Thylacoleo.png Thylacoleo Excellent Yes
Yutyrannus.png Yutyrannus Excellent Yes

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Every dino except for aquatic, flying creatures, Giganotosaurus and the Titanosaur can enter the cave, but no creature will be able to leave the cave.
  • The Spinosaurus can't enter the cave because of its sail.
  • Upon Ascending, you will have to respawn, select your character and you will be granted additional levels. You will lose all equipment except for the pc version of game.
  • When you ascend, all the tames you brought in the caves will teleport to the entrance of the Cave (Make sure you take out anything valuable before ascending because anything left inside their inventories will be lost).
  • There is a bug where if you bring a shoulder pet and you ascend with it on your shoulder, it won't spawn at the entrance of the cave until you beat the cave again.
  • You will need to be level 60, 80, or 100 to open the door.
  • You are not able to use the Jetpack on the Tek Chestpiece or the Grappling Hook.
  • Bring high level dinos with 100% imprint, like several Rexes, Allosauruses, and Yutyrannus, or try to speed along with a high level Thylacoleo or Megalania.
  • A pack of 4 minimum, either high level or 100% imprint, of Allosauruses is reliable if you do not have enough Rexes. (Have them on Passive throughout the cave while you ride the leader. Right before the final fight, switch them to Aggressive. The pack will take care of the drones while you and the leader fight the Overseer)

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