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Temperament in ARK Survival Evolved refers to how likely an NPC is to be hostile.

Current Temperaments[edit | edit source]

Docile[edit | edit source]

Docile creatures will attack if provoked, otherwise they may ignore the player.

Curious[edit | edit source]

Curious creatures are friendly. They will approach the player, but do not attack them. In the case of Compy.png Compys, however, once two or more approach the player, they will become hostile and attack.

Loyal[edit | edit source]

In the wild, Loyal creatures may behave like Skittish or Defensive creatures, but once tamed, they become close, valuable companions.

Opportunistic[edit | edit source]

Opportunistic creatures prey on weak creatures.

Elusive[edit | edit source]

Exclusive to the Phoenix.png Phoenix. They behave similarly to Skittish creatures, but are rarer (appears only during Superheat) and more prone to flee.

Aggressive[edit | edit source]

Aggressive creatures will attack you on sight.

Passive[edit | edit source]

Passive creatures do not fight back when being attacked, and may stay idle.

Short-Tempered[edit | edit source]

Short-Tempered creatures will not attack the player first, but will get mad if provoked.

Territorial[edit | edit source]

Territorial creatures stay nearby a certain location and will attack if you enter their area.

Skittish[edit | edit source]

Skittish creatures will either flee, panic, or do nothing when attacked. They do not attack back.

Defensive[edit | edit source]

Defensive creatures will not attack you, but if you attack them they will defend themselves.

Patient[edit | edit source]

Patient creatures wait for the right time to jump at the player.

Reactive[edit | edit source]

Reactive creatures will ignore the player, but flee when attacked.

Naive[edit | edit source]

Naive creatures will attempt to make friendship and play with the creature attacking them.

Stupid[edit | edit source]

Currently the only creature with the temperament "Stupid" is the Ovis.png Ovis. They'll try to flee if attacked, but because of their stupidity, they'll run into the attacking creature.

Oblivious[edit | edit source]

Exclusive to Dodo.png Dodos. They will ignore any sign of danger unless attacked, in which they will flee and not fight back.

Angry[edit | edit source]

Attacks anything and everything with no mercy. Once they receive significant damage in a short span of time, they will become even more enraged, boosting damage and stamina, which can be recognized by its eyes glowing with burning hatred. This temperament is exclusive to the Giganotosaurus.png Giganotosaurus.

Languorous[edit | edit source]

Exclusive to Beelzebufo.png Beelzebufos, they act similar to docile creatures, though behave in a much more relaxed, serene manner whenever wandering.

Nocturnally Aggressive[edit | edit source]

Some of these creatures usually sleep during daytime hours, posing little to no threat (unless woken up by touching/approaching it closely.) During the day, it is considerably weak and slow, whereas at night they are augmented and dangerous predators, sporting ominous, glowing eyes.

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