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Usage[edit source]

There are two optional parameters:

  1. Taxonomic Group. Will exclusively select creatures of that taxonomic group (e.g. Mammals, Birds, Dinosaurs).
  2. list one or more of the following properties (separated by a comma or space) that all have to be true:
    • rideable
    • breedable
    • tameable
    • herbivore
    • carnivore
    • cnidaria

This query uses Special:CargoTables/Creatures_Prehistoric_Beasts.

Example[edit source]

Creature Group Diet Temperament Tameable Rideable Breedable
Saltasaurus Dinosaurs Herbivore Docile Check mark.svg Yes Check mark.svg Yes Check mark.svg Yes

There is 1 CreatureTable Prehistoric Beasts (including variants).


There are 0 CreatureTable Prehistoric Beasts (including variants).