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When used, this template displays game controls, supporting both keyboard keys and controller buttons.

Usage[edit source]

Keyboard[edit source]

If using the template for keyboard keys, there is only one required input. For mouse usage, see the #Consoles and controllers, using "mouse" as the console.

{{key | button }}

  • button is the keyboard key to be pressed. Some key inputs, such as Shift or Tab will automatically add symbols or other formatting. Any other inputs will be output as they are with the first letter capitalized.
  • Optional: there is an additional parameter, keyboardvariant which determines whether the key is dark text on a light key (default) or the inverse. This will likely never be used, and if a wiki would prefer light on dark, it should be changed as the default.

Example[edit source]

Press {{Key|Shift}} and {{Key|F}} at the same time.

Press ⇧ Shift and F at the same time.

Consoles and controllers[edit source]

{{key | console | button | size = optional size }}

  • console is the console the key belongs to. The parameter is not case-sensitive and supports many possible consoles. See Template:Key/library for possible values.
  • button is the button to be pressed, such as "A" or "Right Trigger". While the template tries to be intuitive such that the correct input for a button is whatever you think it is, if your attempt at a button isn't working, see Template:Key/library for possible values.
  • The size parameter is optional, and sizes the button image. If this parameter is not entered, the default image size is 20px.

Example[edit source]

Press {{Key|Xbox|RT}} to open your inventory wheel and select the item with {{Key|Xbox|A}}

Press RT to open your inventory wheel and select the item with A

Changing the default color[edit source]

The default color for the keyboard and mouse is suitable for dark-skinned wikis. To change the default settings so it fits for a light-skinned wiki, without having to use keyboardvariant = light each time, you can search for and change these sections in the template:

Search for: |#default = _White_Mouse_
...and change it to: |#default = _Black_Mouse_

Search for: <kbd class="{{#switch: {{lc:{{{keyboardvariant}}}}} |dark=keysDark|light=keysLight|

...and change keysDark at the end of the line to keysLight.