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Titans are a unique variant of the bosses found on Corrupted Earth in Extinction. Serving more of a mini-boss, they can only be found within dungeon-depths and called upon before they could be seen in the map. Unlike other bosses however, these can be tamed, but as of current, how it would be tamed is unknown at this point of time.

Each Titan requires different type of strategies. It won't just include only damage-dealing, but needs more advanced strategies, which are not yet known.[1]

To be able to confront the main boss of Extinction, the survivor must kill or tame all four Titans.

List of Titans[edit | edit source]

Common / In Game Name Released Diet Temperament Tameable Rideable Breedable Saddle Level Feces Size Entity ID
Blank.png Frost Titan Logo Steam.png Logo Xbox One.svg Logo PS4.svg Unknown Unknown Yes No No Unknown Unknown Unknown

There are 1 Titans.

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