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Old Blood And Guts
We are a community that prides itself on our maturity level. Come join us and see how you can contribute to a great organization.
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Server Name
Old Blood And Guts PVP 1 - Unofficial
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Dino Ownership Tribe
Dino Taming Tribe
Structure Ownership Tribe

Old Blood and Guts is recruiting for new Community Members.

What Old Blood And Guts has to offer:

-A fun and drama-free environment for gamers of all types. -Several game divisions that focus on a variety of released titles from survival to WWII to science fiction. -An awards system that recognizes membership contributions and skilled game play. -A friendly and relaxed atmosphere that is also well organized and competitive. -An experienced leadership team that is always looking for additional help and feedback. -A feature-rich website. -A fully staffed TeamSpeak Server with file upload capability. -A YouTube content channel for member participation. -Twitch support for streamers. -An interactive and helpful community that works with new and inexperienced players to hone and refine their skills. Sharing time tested methods, all while building a strong sense of cooperation and teamwork.

Visit and/or our Teamspeak ( anytime and say hello!