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Ark Tribe: A.O.T.F[edit | edit source]

A.O.T.F are a PvPvE focused Ark Tribe, playing on Official Server 393 for the past 3 Months or more

The Guild: Apostles of the Force (A.O.T.F), About us![edit | edit source]

Apostles of the Force, or A.O.T.F are a guild that was formed primarily, on Star Wars: The Old Republic 4 years ago. We're a friendly bunch of all nationalities, playing games together primarily around a UK/European timezone We've Maintained our Status as a large social guild with a raiding side in SWTOR, while also many of our members enjoy other passtimes, or former SWTOR players now full-time playing other games after finishing playing SWTOR, but using our guild facilities as a common meeting ground, kinda making us a community nowadays! We play SWTOR Primarily, obviously, Empire side on the Red Eclipse (EU) Server. If interested our website is here: Amongst that we play many other games, from survival games like H1Z1, Ark (of course!) to FPS, Other MMO's like ESO, or having a blast on GTA or generally chilling in Teamspeak while playing single player games. If interested for any of these reasons, please see below

Our Ark Focus[edit | edit source]

We are usually peaceful, as are the server in general, we like to make allies, tame dino's, construct our base and generally have fun. We do retaliate to aggression and are PvP if the need requires it. We are looking for more members to have more fun with, as our core of 6-9 players over the last 3 months have dwindled due to Work or other commitments, or tiring of the game. We ALWAYS chill on Teamspeak, and it is a requirement to join the tribe to be on our Teamspeak server. We do not allocate dinos and stuff personally to players, we are all pretty chill, and are looking for like-minded, mature, relaxed fun players playing primarily evenings/weekends EU time, for our ranks. We don't mind training up new players

We have many Dino's tamed, we farm eggs from Tamed Dinos and wild for kibble for high level tames, we have access to all levels of equipment and dinosaurs, and are located in a prime location North of the map, with Many Auto-turrets on our main base, with close access to all resources, and are considering to construct more bases around the Island.

Do's & Don'ts[edit | edit source]

Do's[edit | edit source]
  • Tame Dino's Freely
  • Collect and Gather Freely
  • Get to Know us!
  • Be on Teamspeak always when in Ark, communicate and ask anything!
  • Take things you require out of Tribe resources for a Tribe Project
  • If starting on The server a new, feel free to get some levels first!
Don'ts[edit | edit source]
  • Abuse other players in-game or on Global, or Drag our name through mud with childish behaviour or unwarranted aggression
  • Take Highest Dino's right from the start... Get to know us a little first!
  • Harass any other fellow Ark players
  • Un-reasonably Aggravate or provoke other Ark tribes

Join Us[edit | edit source]

If you would like to join, or to speak about Joining, for ark or any other reason, even if just for social hangout, then contact me:

A.O.T.F Group Steam:
Apostles of the Force Guild website (SWTOR):

We'll have a chat on Steam and then Teamspeak, once I give you the details, feel free to start a character on our server in game and get a few levels (we can help with that) and get to know us before taking advantage! We're all pretty chill and have a lot of fun! Obviously in a game like this a degree of trust is needed before you have full access to all, but wont take long, we're relaxed! Thanks for reading!

Mustufar (talk) 20:30, 22 September 2015 (UTC)