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"Happy" tribe, for "good" players
Leader Jonay "Whip" Goodnay
Server Name
LuxuryFlippyFloppies, La Punta 2.0 and 2.2, Canary Ireland
Server IP
Dino Ownership Tribe owned
Structure Ownership Tribe owned
Locks and Pincodes locked, pin

Friendly and Happy tribe with funky twist.

History[edit | edit source]

All of the members have 3+ year experience in Ark and lately moved to Aberation. Average member level is currently around 130. Tribe was previously owned by Casli but the ownership was changed after voting Goodnay to the new leader, reason for this vote was that Goodnay was seen better leader for the tribes future where expansion to the more dangerous areas is needed. Casli was voted as a Vice President of the Tribe.

Tribe leader Goodnay is known for his violence in the past but plays fair after Sgt. in arms member uVe put him in his place after duel for settling problems inside the tribe. Goodnay broke fight against uVe by killing uVes favourite pet using fireplace engram. Goodnay is also known for his love for frogs. Every friday after 18:00 he goes to look one in the swampy areas of the map and comes back with one, sometimes 2 new frogs for the tribes pet. Usually one frog can be found on top of the base.

Abberration[edit | edit source]

Upon release of Abberration DLC the tribe moved to the new mysterious Ark, leaving Ragnarok server as the main base responsible for tribes breeding operations.

At this time the tribe lost a long time member Casli due to disagreement inside the tribe about keeping Goodnay as the leader. Casli stated "I would rather cry inside Alfa Romeo than a Volvo" and leaving the server without further notice. This statement left deep scars for the tribe and questioned the future until new member TomBasa was recruited. TomBasa is a Toyota owner which somehow, miraculously, healed old wounds and summoned new hope for the tribe to strive forward. Due to this new courage the tribe has completed many Boss fights and were finally able to switch to Tek-tier. Recruiting of TomBasa also led to changes of the leadership hierarchy; Vice President title was removed and new title was introduced: Vice President of Breeding, which was given to TomBasa.

The Island[edit | edit source]

The Island expansion was also build lately and aquatic dino breeding has been seen busy lately in Ragnarok due to Tek-tier allowing easy transfer for water dinos between Arks.

The Island experimental PVP[edit | edit source]

Goodnay, Casli and boubbin took part of unofficial experimental pvp challenge after abberration. This was also the first time casli emerged from the ashes to be the leader again and proving himself as a worthy builder making a secure pvp turret build on south rocks (old alpha platteu). Very quickly the tribe was able to take over the map and gain alpha status.

This succesful experiment verified that there is more than meets the eye on alpha jonay

Extinction[edit | edit source]

Tribe has shown some activity again. One of our server scanner spotted "La punta 2.2" online 7.1.2018 and is running Extinction map.

Yet, is not sure which roster will take part of uncovering the secrets of this new DLC but the rumour has it that its going to be atleast: boubbin, uVe, Goodnay. Looks like this year we are going to see the return of former Vice President casli! Still is not sure if TomBasa is going to make it.

Description[edit | edit source]

Tribe strategy decision are made through voting where each member casts a vote either for "Nay" or "Aye". Recruiting (new member, or kick old member) must receive 100% "Aye" votes to take affect. New members receive prospect status for the first 2 weeks and then have a chance to be promoted to a full member of the tribe. Full members of the tribe can take part of the voting.

Server[edit | edit source]

Server is running PvPvE with S+ mod with multipliers:

  • Taming x6
  • Harvesting x6
  • Kill xp x2

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

If you want to join, leave your free form application in the Discussion -section with your steamid so we can contact you.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Goodnay (President)
  • boubbin (Sgt. in arms)
  • casli "Argentavis" escobar (Vice president) [Left tribe in 2018] [return rumour 2018]
  • uVe (Sgt. in arms)
  • TomBasa (Vice President of Breeding) [not in tribe or out]
  • Lartz (Prospect) [Dead, death by sword]