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Angels of Death
Tribe Angels of Death.jpg
AOD is a large, international, multi-gaming community which was founded in 1999 and is made up of 2600+ dedicated members spread across 16+ games. We are now looking for potential members who are mature and would like to join our ARK: Survival Evolved division within AOD. Casual and serious players (16+) please check us out because we have a little of everything for everyone. Membership includes access to our 350 man private TeamSpeak server, our own dedicated ARK servers (hosted by us), helpful clan-mates with thousands of hours of experience and our online forums. If you wish to put in application go to
Leader Nozama
Server Name
Stronghold / Primitive Plus
Server IP /
Dino Ownership Tribe Owned / Player Ridden
Dino Taming Tribe Tamed
Structure Ownership Personal Owned / Tribe Snap
Locks and Pincodes Personal Pins / Tribe Locks