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Up and coming tribe, rapid expansion from beach noobs to land and sea dwellers. Recruitment has stopped for the time being, we like to keep a tight-knit loyal group.

One day hoping to dominate a server, death comes to those who cross Ares

Leader Sewell & Ares
Server Name
Dino Ownership King Ubbe the Direwolf, Queen Lagertha the Argentavius and Lizard Boy the sabertooth.

We raid all who are not Alpha Tribes (Lavish, Krypt, Syndicate). We show mercy when applicable but we do not tolerate anybody in our lands and we take as we please. Attack us and we will retaliate, kill or be killed.

Members[edit | edit source]

Sewell is a leader and a fearsome warrior king who has lead Ares through some of its darkest days and has contributed to its exapnsion. Lord of the skies. Ares. Specialises in demoliton and hand-to-hand combat. Sabertooth-slayer. Ragnar. Specialises in sniping and resource runs and spearheadded the new movement to create the strongest rendition of Ares. Wolf-rider. Ronald - newcomer Barnes-newcomer