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Welcome to the Bare Minimum Bandits!

Located on Official PvP The Center 645 XBox One

About Us:

Bare Minimum Bandits have been established for just over 5 months. 4 of those months were spent fighting off a four tribe alpha alliance. Just started breeding max level dinos.

Players ages range from 17-50. Light-hearted, like-minded players that are respectful of one another. Leader has over 10 years experience as a top 100 Guildmaster in WoW.

Bandits have a motto: Work for what you keep!


1. Mature players only. Everyone loves a good crack here and there... No desire to play with trolls.

2. No mooching allowed. ZERO tolerance. Participate in metal runs, taming, & maintenance.

3. If you use something, replace, repair and put back where you found it.

4. Respect one another and, in return, you will have ours.

A message from the leader:

"In the end, this is a great game that we all enjoy playing together. If you are looking to join, just know it is more than just a tribe... we really treat each other like family. Real life comes first, so don't ever feel pressured to be online. That being said, active players are key to survival and proactive players are key to dominance. Looking for those proactive players with the right attitudes to join us." - Berlios

For more information, please feel free to message Draimo5

Look forward to seeing you around the Biome!