Tribe:Bregan D'aerthe

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a society of men, who offer their abilities of gathering information to the best payers. Bregan D'Aerthe is possibly one of the most proffesional and deadliest associations of the present.  Bregan D'aerthe means originaly "house of the houseless" to make clear, every member of this club gave up their former life in order to live for the guild.
Bregan Da'Aerthe is lead by an unknown man named Jarlaxle. This enigmatic leader holds no true alliances. The only alliance he knows is to the highest bidder. Jarlaxle,of Bregan D'aerthe, is never in the same server for too long. He finds complacency in his travels from Ark to Ark. Becoming bored when he lingers too long in one server. Bregan D'aerthe 's goals are wealth and companionship. Adventure never strays far from Jarlaxle's Began D'aerthe.