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COV (Previously COD after our favorite game)
Leader Cat (Catherine)
Server Name
Dino Ownership We own 104 in total. 96 Dodos, 5 Carbos, 2 Pteranadons, and since we are God, we permit ourselves the only Giga on the server.
Dino Taming I tip my fedora at them and they pass out.
Structure Ownership We own the server.
Locks and Pincodes 12345. Like my luggage.

COV runs EUSERVER182. With our lapdog Waistland Raiders, we police everything. We will not trade, we will not allow trades. If we hear you're taming anything over level 5 or are an American irl, we will destroy your life. WE ARE LEAGON.

Our fearlesss leader Cat-hrine is a ruler like no world has seen before. She eats level 80's for breakfast. Her stern hand keeps the world peaceful. It is meant to be. She is finishing her book very soon. The title of which roughly translates to "My Struggle". Powerful words, from a powerful lady.

Wish to be in COV?

Too bad. You are not worthy.

Good Day.

COV Welcomes.jpg