Tribe:Clan Kyoushu

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Clan Kyoushu
Tribe Leader: Caenodus
Server Name: Official PVE Server 38
Dino Ownership: Personally Owned, Tribe Ridden
Dino Taming: Tribe Taming
Structure Ownership: Personally Owned, Tribe Snap, Admin Demolish
Locks and Pincodes: Personal Locks & Pincodes

Clan Kyoushu is an ARK Tribe led by Caenodus on Official PVE Server 38.

Focus[edit | edit source]

Kyoushu is a pure endgame geared tribe. We focus on the best and the biggest in technology and bases. Activity, work ethic, and honor are paramount here. If you think you have what it takes, find us and see for yourself what we can achieve.

About Tribe[edit | edit source]

As stated, we take a purely endgame focus. The best of the best is all we accept for ourselves, and we work endlessly to obtain it. The leadership is only daily to assist in establishing your own monumental base and inform of tasks that need completion. When you see our frozen stronghold tower, you will understand completely. Earn your place among us, and reap all that our dedication has to offer.

How to Join[edit | edit source]

You can contact us in-game via global and be directed to our frozen stronghold. If you survive the trip, you earn your ticket in. Staying and joining fully as a brother or sister is up to you after that.

Tribe Island Location[edit | edit source]

We have chosen to live in the frozen north, a place most will not travel to for long. We learn to operate and survive in conditions that have killed many players from exposure alone much less the nightmares that stalk all around us because it makes us stronger, faster, and more talented than the rest. Dante's hell is our home, are you strong enough to say the same?

In game terms, we live between the three mountains in the north, near red ob. It is always cold and full of the strongest creatures in the game at every turn.