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Dark Carnival leader: Vulom steam: DOOM 706 location: near lower-south cave, official server 22 (i do not know the ip as i connect through ark all the time) tribe government: personal everything (tameing, pins, etc) late goal: traveling mobile bronto, quetzal and plesio bases with walls for offline safety at different spots throughout the ark tribe leader speaks only English, and will require translation for anyone who dosnt, but would love to see new players of multi-languages server has no offline raiding and no mountain building enforced by protocol, and atleast 2 of the caves are free. atleast 2 of the caves are taken. most are friendly and i am not intrested in combat or attacking untill we have the dinos and resources to fend off an attack looking for new members to help with tameing, building, and just haveing ppl to play with in-game page will be updated as needed with info like multi-language members for translation, base moveing or new bases, signifigant news about the tribe, and anything else i feel is improtant enough to add