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Dharma Initiative
Dharma Initiative logo.svg.png
Server Name: Official 301
Dino Ownership: Personal Ownership, Tribe Ridden
Dino Taming: Personal Tame
Structure Ownership: Tribe Ownership, Admin Demolish
Locks and Pincodes: Tribe Locks + Pincodes
Focus: PvE. PVP when provoked.

We are a small tribe of about 4 active players looking to expand out member base on Official 301.

About Us[edit | edit source]

We are a neutral tribe that will fire only when fired upon or when our allies need assistance. We allow our members to build wherever they want, their own base if they wish. You do not need to live in main base.

Focus[edit | edit source]

We are currently focusing on endgame high level dino tames. And finishing the main base structure. It is a very large project that requires over 50k metal ingots and 25k Cementing paste. We also focus on helping out new players when we can and forming strong friendships where we can so if and when we get hit, we have some backup. We are also running caves as much as possible for potential loot and of course to spawn some world bosses. PVP is not our focus, however we throw down when need be. We have lots of progression and work still to do so you won't get bored by a tribe that has everything. We want all our members to have at least their own 200+ Rex, Spino and and 2 180+ Argent's. When you join one of our focuses will be getting you those personal tames.

Allies[edit | edit source]

Tokugawa Remnant

Non-Aggression Pact[edit | edit source]

All tribes.

Join Us[edit | edit source]

To join we require the following:

  • 200+ Hours played in ark.
  • Has a Mic.
  • 18+ in age, exceptions can be made for 16+.
  • Very active. 30+ Hours a week.

Please add DI-Stahlbrand and leave a message if you wish to join!