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Welcome to PinoP*rn's Tribe Page[edit | edit source]

100% fair play. If any player of our tribe needs help, we are always there!

Our Tribe exists on 2 Servers:

  • [EU-DE] - Beginner Friendly PVE
  • [EU-DE] - RG - Beginner Friendly PVE
DinoP-rn Flag.png
Safety is not our priority ;)
Leader Indra
Server Name
[EU-DE] - PVE - Noobfriendly
Server IP
Dino Ownership Personally Owned, Tribe Ridden
Dino Taming Personal Taming
Structure Ownership Personally Owned, Tribe Snap, Admin Demolish
Locks and Pincodes Personal Locks & Pincodes
Main Base Location
The Center Map.jpg
coords: 27.0° Lat, 72.4° Lon

Why you should join us[edit | edit source]

  1. A starter's base materials for a base 2x2x2
  2. A Pteranodon
  3. A Pegomastax

Join Rules[edit | edit source]

Center Map[edit | edit source]

To join this tribe, you must have the following:

  • Be a level 20 or higher.
  • Have your own wooden base somewhere at least 5x5x2 in total. For example, you have three building of 2x2x2. This makes a total of 6x6x2.
  • Have your own level 20 Trike.
  • Tribe is not full (Maximum Tribe Size: 6 Members). If our Tribe is full, then you can challenge a member to death to take it's place (see Join Tribe Challenge).

Ragnarok Map[edit | edit source]

To join this tribe, you have to have the will to work with other players. Even if you are a totally new Ark player, you can join us.

All players must help each other

Tribe's Rules[edit | edit source]

Every player has to be 100% fair on other players.

  1. Never steal other's player staff.
  2. Never invading other's player base or destroy any of his structures without permission. Only Owners/Admins can enter to another's player base and this sohuld be only in cases where something is happening.
  3. If you get some materials from another player you should have his permission first.
  4. You cannot ride offline's player dinos without returning them and without his permission of course.
  5. Never, and I mean Never, kill a tribe's member or tranq him just for fun.
  6. If you kill another's player dino even by mistake you have to replace it, or help that player to get another same dino.
  7. If a a player needs your help, you should help him as best as you can.

Owners/Admins has to follow those rules too!

If someone will not follow those rules, he will be punished or banish from the tribe according of what he did.

If you want to leave the tribe, you can keep your base and your dinos.

Punishments[edit | edit source]

There are several type of punishments:



Punishment Duration
1 Tribe Resources will be locked 1 Day
2 All Tribe's Public Building will be locked 1 Day
3 All of your own dinos except Pteras and Brontos will be locked. 2 Days
4 Lock of your Special Crafting Tools (Industrial Forge, Grinder, Grill) 2 Days
5 Food from Feeding Trough will be removed and it will be locked. 3 Days
6 Electricity will remove 3 Days
7 Banish from the Tribe Forever

Owners/Admins will decide the punishment. If a player break the rules against to another player of the server, that player has to also suggest a punishment for that player. This suggestion is not final, and Admins/Onwers will decide the final punishment.

Owners/Admins can be punished too! According Tribe's organization, Owners/Admins has not the full access on anything. An Owner/Admin can lock another Owner/Admin and punish him too. The fact that a player is Owner/Admin, does not allow to him to break the rules, except if he had to break the rules to find out what happend on another crime. That's why there are multiple Owners/Admins.

A player will not be Banish from the Tribe from his first crime, except if he totally destroy staff or structures or even kill on purpose other dinos.

Tribe's Public Structrures[edit | edit source]

This Tribe has some structures that they are public to the whole tribe. Anything in those buildings are public for the tribe.

Tribe's Replicator is one of those structures. (Exists only On Center Map)

Center Map


Ragnarok Map


DinoPrn - Center Map.jpg DinoPrn - Ragnarok Map.jpg

In Ragnarok Map, there is a whole area will walls around it. This area belongs to Dino P*rn tribe. Join us to create a whole town ;)

Ragnarok Map - Resource Base 1[edit | edit source]

Dino P-rn Resource Base.jpg

Resource Base is a public structure for the tribe, which each member can get resources it needs.

This base should be used only if it's an personal emergency or a tribe project, and used resouces should be replaced as soon as possible.

Gathering Resources/Weapons/Guns/Armour/Ammo[edit | edit source]

Tribe's members has to collect resources and save then into boxes in public base.

Each member has to collect specific resources!

Gathering Resources[edit | edit source]

Members has to fill in total:

Boxes Resource Total Amount Boxes Resource Total Amount
2 Wood 9000 2 Thatch 9000
2 Fiber 18000 2 Flint 9000
2 Stone 9000 2 Hide 18000
1 Metal Ore 9000 1 Metal Ingot 9000
1 Silica Pearls 4500 1 Polymer 4500
1 Electronics 4500 1 Narcotics 4500
1 Oil 4500 1 Coal 4500
1 Cementing Paste 4500 1 Gasoline 4500
1 Chitin 4500 1 Keratin 4500

There are also 4 fridges which players needs to fill.

Resource Total Amount
Raw Meat 2000
Cooked Prime Meat 2000
Berries/Vegetables 2000
Kibble* 10000

*Kibble has stack size of 100. The Kibble Fridge needs to fill with 100 different kibble.

Members has to share the collection equaly. For example, player 1 collects Wood and Thatch, player 2 collects Fiber and Hide, etc...

Only the leader can dicide the resources which each player will collect. If a member collects different resources, is his problem. He must still collect the resources, which leader said to collect.

If a player doesn't want to participate in this, has the following options:

  1. Leave the tribe without complains. If he don't complain, he will get all his stuff/dinos back and member will help him to start a new base. If he starts complain and being annoying, he will banish without further discussion and without taking back his stuff/dinos.
  2. Stay in Tribe, but none of members will help him with anything. For that member, all challenges are invalid and he will stay at lower rank for ever.

Rare resources, like electronics and polymer, may split on two or more members.

Admins must collect resources too!

When a box is full, players can use those resoucres for themselfs. But when a box is under of 50% of it's total weight, the player who used the most resources must to refill it.

Gathering/Crafting Weapons/Guns/Armour (WGA)[edit | edit source]

Each player, has to craft or donate high level WGA and save them into boxes. Grey WGA (even if they have more damage than usual) are not acceptable and will be droped to spoil.

There are 2 boxes for Armour, 2 boxes for Weapons and 2 for Guns.

Blueprints of WGA are not acceptable and will be droped to spoil.

Gathering/Crafting Ammo[edit | edit source]

Members of this Tribe has to collect, craft and share ammo.

Especially, members must collect:

Boxes Resource Total Amount
3 Stone Arrows 6750
2 Tranquilizer Arrows 4500
1 Tranquilizer Darts 2250
Gathering Blueprints[edit | edit source]

WGA blueprints must be high level and organized into folders. Otherwise they will be droped to spoil.

Structures and ammo blueprints must be organized into folders.

If a member take a plueprint, must to rerutn it after he use it. Otherwise there will be consequences depends of the blueprint.

Each member has to help to fill each box in this structure.

Ragnarok Map - Resource Base 2[edit | edit source]

DinoP-rn Resource Base 1.jpg DinoP-rn Resource Base 2.jpg DinoP-rn Resource Base 3.jpg

This resource base has been made from WhiteKnight and Indra. It's an awesome place with GAF Vaults. There, members of this tribe can store resources where tribe can use whenever it needs.

The structure is large enough to fit a Rex in it for easy unload.

Thank you so much WhiteKnight a Indra for this awesome work!!

You can find this structure under the lighthouse.

Ragnarok Map - The Port[edit | edit source]

Dino P-rn The Port.jpg

The Port is a public place to Tribe to store/tame your sea dinos or save your raft.

This Place has boxes for each player. So, every player can safe his staff inside his boxes before he starts his own big adventure at the sea.

This is a good place to tame your sea dinos too. Under the structure, there is a huge area where you can tame your sea dinos.

The Area is that big, where members can store up to two (2) Plesios.

To each member will provide a regural full SCUBA Armor. You can find this armour into the box which has your name on it.

SCUBA Armor is used to replace your air underwater. Always check how much air left and beware wild sea dinos.

The wall around the port will protect your sea dinos from mantas, sharks or other dangerous creatures. It's made from wood and it's up to 10-12 wall high. Soon it will be replaced by Stone Wall.


  1. Every member is allowed to have 1 raft only, cause the space cannot support more. If we need more space this area will expand.
  2. Each member has 2 boxes to fill with it's own staff.
  3. Always check that Feeding Trough has enough food and refill if it's necessary.

Ragnarok Map - Taming/Mating Room[edit | edit source]

Dino P-rn-Taming Room.jpg

Taming/Mating room is the public Tribe's Room where every member can tame dinos with safety, or mate dinos with a little bit romance.

The whole structures is made from Glass Metal (Mod) items. It's strong enough to handle an Alpha Rex without getting any damage.

There are windows everywhere, where you can shoot your dino you're taming, or you can watch your dinos mating (this is a little wierd...).

So, if your're a member you can use this room as every member. Just lead your favorite dino through the ramp and it will be traped in this good looking structure.

If you're not a member yet, you now have a really good reason to join DinoP*rn Tribe.

You can find this structure at the center of our Tribe Area, inside the wall, near the Resource Building which has stored narcotics to help you tame much easier.

Ragnarok Map - Greenhouse[edit | edit source]

DinoP-rn - Greenhouse.jpg

Greenhouse is the public Tribe's Room where players can gather Berries and Vegetables.

It's builded by MetalGlass Mod and it supports 12 Large Crop Plot.

In this public structure, there are also installed one (1) other mod, Egg & Poop Collector. By this mod, Fertilizer auto collects and send to crops, so berries will grow forever.

The members of this Tribe need to pay attention to fill Compost Bin with Thatch when it's needed.

This sturcture does not exists to replace player's Greenhouse, but it exists in cases where members need some more Berries or Vegetables.

This structure is near the Taming Room.

Ragnarok Map - Feeding Trough[edit | edit source]

DinoP-rn - Feeding Trough.jpg

Feeding Trough is a public structure where players can feed their dinos.

It's full of Berries and Raw Meat.

Members of this tribe need to chech this structure every day to ensure that it has berries and raw meat. Does not needed to be full of berries and meat, it just need to has enough to feed dinos for at least a day.

Members are not allowed to take food from this structure.

If a player needs food to craft kibble or anything else, they should gather food by their own or, if it's an emergency, take food from Resource Base which they have to replace it after all.

You can find this structure outsife Tribe's Greenhouse.

Ragnarok Map - Jungle Arena[edit | edit source]

DinoP-rn - Arena 1.jpg DinoP-rn - Arena 2.jpg

Arena is used to make challenges. It's natural field makes the arena safe and dangerous at the same time. Players can hide or be killed easily if they are not careful enough.

Players should not destroy this natural field. This is mean that rocks, plants and trees must stay inaccurate.

If a player destroy something of this natural beauty, he must replace it by using Re-Fertilizer.

Feel free to explore the arena and try to descover some places where you can hide and also be able to kill.

Arena Rules

  1. Do not destroy the Natural Beauty (Trees, Plants, rocks, etc). If you do, you must replace it by using Re-Fertilizer.
  2. Do not destroy the wall except if the challenge demands it.
  3. Do not build structures or bases. Structures or mini bases will be build by Owners/Admin. These structures can only used for challenges. If a player use an arena's structure as base or place any item, then placed items will be destroyed and including loot will not return.
  4. Always close the gates. By lefting open gates, you let wild dinos to get in. If you do, then these dinos will stay there and they will include to the next challenge.
  5. Play Fair! Always follow the rules of the runing Challenge.

You can find the arena on the mountain above Resource Base.

Ragnarok Map - Tec Replicator[edit | edit source]

DinoP-rn Replicator.jpg

Tec Replicator is another tribe's Structure where Tribe's members can craft any of their Tec Items.

This structure must always be empty if is not in use by any member. The only item which is allowed to be always there is Element.

This element will be use for power. If any member leave element in Replicator's Inventory, automaticaly will be taken for power usage.

Each member has to craft his own tec items. Other members are not obligated to craft tec items for other member, except if they want to.

Replicator's door must always stay close. It's glassmetal structure is stong enough to handle any dino attacks.

You can find this structure next to the port.

Ragnarok Map - Toilet[edit | edit source]

DinoP-rn - Toilet 1.jpg DinoP-rn - Toilet 2.jpg

Toilet is the public Tribe's Structure where members can poop when nature calls.

From this time, members are not allowed to poop in public like animals. Also, if a visitor wants to poop, must use the toilet. Otherwise he will be shoot on it's face twice!

Toilet Rules:

  1. Never, and I mean NEVER, smoke inside the structure. There are smoke detectors everywhere.
  2. This structure must be used only by one person each time. Do not try to poop with a friend. It's not working..
  3. Enjoy the poop. There are two (2) gorgous windows with special view. Look around as you pooping, and your poop may be better than ever.
  4. Do not open the door while another member is pooping, just for fun. And if you do by mistake, be sure that you closed the door again and saw nothing.

You can find this structure next to the port.

And remember: Enjoy your poop, feel the poop, live like a true King!

Ragnarok Map - Lighthouse[edit | edit source]

DinoP-rn Lighthouse 1.jpg DinoP-rn Lighthouse 2.jpg DinoP-rn Lighthouse 3.jpg

The Lighthouse is a whole new structure of our Tribe. Thanks to Indra, who made this magnificent structure, no-one will lose his way home again. It's in colors of red and white, which means that you can easily see it during the day and night.

At nights, an awesome hot light coming through the lighthouse. It's strong and warm enough to share love and warm even to a wild Giga.

Its invisible hugs makes you always feel like home even if you are far away from it.

If your way lead you to our Tribe's area, spend some time to admire this great structure builded with tones of love and hard work.

And if you miss home, grab a guitar, sit on the top floor and sing your favorite song as you're watching all those artifacts falling..

And don't forget: When an artifact falls make a wish! ;)

You can find this structure next to the port.

Thank you so much Indra!

Leadership[edit | edit source]

Ranks below does not have actual use on Ragnarok Map. On this map, we use Ranks to seperate players or player's groups inside the tribe.

For example, if you have a friend and you're playing together or even share the same base, both of you will have the same rank. By personally owned structures, no-one can enter your base, except Owners/Admins.

Ark Developers set limits on groups (max 4), so each new player has to play with another one, if all groups has at least one player. Otherwise, he will join the first available rank.

Groups has to have the same size of players, as this is possible. If a group has two (2) members and there are groups with one (1) member, a new player has to join in one of those groups which has one (1) player only.

Citizen Rank is the Default Tribe Group

0 - Citizen 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
1 - Soldier 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 0 0 0 0
2 - Corporal 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 1 1 1 1
3 - Sargent 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 2 2 2 2
4 - General 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 3 3 3 3

*AIR = Access Inventory Rank

*ASR = Activate Structure Rank

*NIR = New Structure Inventory Rank

*NAR = New Structure Activate Rank

*RPR = Ride Pets Rank

*OPR = Order Pets Rank

*NIA = Number of Invites Allowed

*IGR = Invite Into Group Rank

*MBR = Max Banishment Group Rank

*MDR = Max Demotion Group Rank

*MPR = Max Promotion Group Rank

Invitations[edit | edit source]

Some Ranks has the ability to invite new members. To invite a new player be sure that the you are following "Join Rules".

If you don't follow "Join Rules" and allow any member join the tribe, you will demote to soldier for one week.

Center Map - Rank's Rules and Description[edit | edit source]

0 - Citizen[edit | edit source]

Is a player between level 20 and 40.

If a player is higher level and join the tribe, he will be citizen for two days, and then he will promote according his level and Rank Rules.

There is no limit on how many citizens will be in the tribe.

Citizens are all new players in this tribe. Citizens can build their base or tame dinos as well, also there are limitations about what they can do.

If a citizen take decisions against a player or he is not following ther rules

1 - Soldier[edit | edit source]

Is a player between level 41 and 60 {or two days}.

If a player is higher level and join the tribe, he will be citizen for two days, and then he will promote to Soldier.

Soldiers has limitations too, but they can access in more buildings and dinos.

It can be only ten Soldiers in the tribe.

2 - Corporal[edit | edit source]

Is a player between level 61 and 70 {or three day in total}.

If a player is higher level and join the tribe, he will be citizen for one day, and then he will promote to Soldier. After two days he will promote to Corporal.

It can be only five Corporal in the tribe.

3 - Sargent[edit | edit source]

Is a player between level 71 and 90 {or four days in total}.

If a player is higher level and join the tribe, he will be citizen for one day, and then he will promote to Soldier. After two days he will promote to Corporal and after one more day he will promote to Sargent.

It can be only four Sargents in the tribe.

4 - General[edit | edit source]

Is a player level 91 or higher {or 5 days in total} (owner always be a General).

Owner of the Tribe will always be General.

If a player is higher level and join the tribe, he will be citizen for one day, and then he will promote to Soldier. After two days he will promote to Corporal. After one day he will promote to Sargent and after one more day he will promote to General.

It can be only three Generals in the tribe, including owner. Generals are like admins. They have to help any other player need it's help.

Genrals can lead any building or dino in the tribe. If a general take decisions against a player, he will Demote to Soldier without further discussion.

What if all rank positions have been filled?[edit | edit source]

If the rank you have to be has no other empty positions, then you have to wait until a player promote or demote......OR you can challege a player with a Civil War I! ;)

Center Map - Challeges[edit | edit source]

1. Civil War I[edit | edit source]

You can challenge a Tribe member to fight to death only on PVP areas! If you win, you will take his rank whatever is this, and the other player will demote to your rank.

Civil War Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Players must choose a weapon (or more) to fight. You can use hands as well. Players must have the same weapons in their inventory during the fight, but they can use any of those weapons.
  2. You can have a shield if you want.
  3. Dino fight does not allowed.
  4. You cannot loot player's staff if you win. If you do, you will demote to citizen without further discussion and the other player keeps his rank.
  5. Fight must be in an open field.
  6. If a player killed by a wild dino during the fight, the fight is invalid and you have to start over, even if you did the most damage.
  7. You can use any armour.
  8. If you tranq the other player you cannot kill him. You have to wait to wake up. BUT if you put him Handcuffs, then you win the fight.

Note: If that player is Admin, then you will promote to Admin and the other player will loose the Admin's rank! If the player is the owner, you will promote to General if there is an empty position, without being admin.

2. Civil War II[edit | edit source]

It's like Civil War I, but this is a team fight. A team can have 2 or more players, both teams has to have the same number of teammates.

Civil War II Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Teams must choose a weapon (or more) to fight. You can use hands as well. Teams must have the same weapons in their inventory during the fight, but they can use any of those weapons.
  2. You can have a shield if you want.
  3. Fight must be in an open field.
  4. Dino fight does not allowed.
  5. If a team win, that team can keep other's team inventory.
  6. If a team killed by a wild dino during the fight, the fight is invalid and you have to start over, even if your team did the most damage.
  7. Each player should have in his inventory at least five items. Any items. If a player has less than five items, the winning team can killed him once at anytime and take his inventory.
  8. Each teammate in the winning team has to choose a player to loot. He cannot loot more than one players, except if his teammate is dead.
  9. If your teammate is dead, you cannot loot his invetory. If you do, a Civil War I automatically started.

Note: After Civil War II ends, you can declare Civil War I without any rule.

3. Base Attack[edit | edit source]

You can Attack on a member's base by warning him atleast two real hours before the attack. if you killed him, or put him Handicaffs, you win and you can loot his base.

Base Attack Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Player must be online. If he gone offline to avoid the attack, you can attack him without warning at any time after he login back.
  2. You can loot up to 10 items or his whole inventory. You can loot for example: x100 Iron, x10 narcotics, x100 arrows.
  3. The looser must know what you take from him and he must tο confirm that you take the exact items you said. If you take more items and you don't inform him, you can keep those items, but you will demote to Citizen for a week without further discussion. But if you return the all extra items within 15 minutes you can keep your rank.
  4. Destoying the base does not allowed. You can destroy doors only if you need to. If you destroy any other item, you have to replace it by your own in one game day. If you don't the other player has the right to kill you once at anytime and without warning.
  5. If you have a metal base, you have to let all doors open!
  6. In case 4,you can keep player's inventory if you win. Doesn't matter if you're the deffender or ther attacker.
  7. Dino attack does not allowed.
  8. You cannot attack on a Tribe's Public Base.

4. Dino Capture[edit | edit source]

In above challenges, dinos does not allowed, except this challege. You can challege a player to fight with you until someone tranq.

Dino Capture Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. You can only challenge at game night.
  2. You can challenge only a player who has more than five dinos. Doesn't matter if you have less.
  3. You can only use a simple bow and tranq arrows.
  4. Every player has to choose one of dino to offer, before the fight starts.
  5. You cannot kill the other player.
  6. The winner gets looser's dino, according dino's inventory.
  7. You cannot offer a dino which cannot fight (ex Dodos, jerboas, monkeys, etc)
  8. Dinos has to be at least level 75.
  9. If you challenge a player into dino fight, you cannot choose the location of fight. The other player has to choose.

5. Lance Challenge[edit | edit source]

You can challenge a member of tribe to a Lance Challenge in order to gain Fame and Groly....and some staff.

If you win, you will gain a high level sheep and scissors directly from the owner. If you loose, you have to place all your doublicates blueprints, 250 Obsidian, 250 Metal Ignot and 250 Cementing Paste to any of Public Tribe's Base.

Lance Challenge Events Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Each player has to have it's own grey level lance.
  2. Lance challenge will take place at Coyo's Island.
  3. Players must own same dinos.
  4. Winner is that player who will make the other player fall four (4) times.
  5. If Owner wins, you have to give him 500 Wood and 150 Metal Ignot.

6. Lance Tournament[edit | edit source]

You can challenge more than one player on this challenge to gain rare materials. Every player has to put 2 items (Rare Materials, weapons, Blueprints) in a box. The Winner takes them all.

Lance Tournament Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Each player has to have it's own grey level lance.
  2. Lance challenge will take place at Coyo's Island.
  3. Players must own same dinos.
  4. You don't allowed to put in the box: wood, fiber or thach.
  5. Winner is that player who will make the other player fall four (4) times.

7. Join Tribe Challenge[edit | edit source]

If our tribe is full and you want to join DinoP*rn, you can challenge any member of our tribe to death.

Member's of Tribe are now allowed to take your staff if you win. If they do, Owner will replace your missing items and the player who stole them will leave the demote to citizen for one day.

Join Tribe Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. If you win, you are not allowed to take it's staff. If you do, will never join the Tribe.
  2. Dinos are not allowed on this fight.
  3. Fight will take place in the Arena.
  4. You must use same weapons.
  5. If you tranq the player, automatically win the challenge.
  6. If you win, you will join the tribe as Soldier and the loose must leave the tribe.
  7. If you win the Owner, you will join the Tribe, no matter how many members it has.

8. Civil War III Challenge[edit | edit source]

Civil War III is a challenge just for fun. You can fight to death any other member just have some fun. Every member will win a reward at the end of the fight.

Civil War III Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. In a chest, every player how joins the challegne must add 5 slots of items in it and lock it so no-one can see what's inside.
  2. Every player must use the same weapons.
  3. Dino fight does not allowed.
  4. Stealing Inventory does not allowed. This fight is just for fun.
  5. If you tranq the player, you are not allowed to kill him. BUT you can always put him Handcuffs! ;)
  6. To kill a player he must be awake.
  7. HAVE FUN!!

Civil War III Rewards[edit | edit source]

As Rule 1 says, every player must add 5 slots of items in a box which will place at fight place. Those items cannot be the followings:

  1. Thach
  2. Fiber
  3. Wood
  4. Rocks
  5. Iron Ore
  6. Seeds (Only X Plant seeds allowed in a stack of 10 or more)
  7. Primitive Tools (Pickaxe, Hatchet, Spear, etc)
  8. Grey Blueprints and structure Blueprints

For more than 2 players, the one who will survive last can choose a box he likes. The first player who died, is the last one who will open a box.

No-one should know what's inside the boxes.

Bonus Reward[edit | edit source]

Onwer or any admin of the Tribe, can hide a box near the fight area with any items in it. The winner will take that too. If the winner is the owner or the admin who placed that box, the second winner will take that box.

Only one box like this allowed and there is no limit of what it will have inside. You can place any item and any resources at any stack size.

Ragnarok Map - Challenges[edit | edit source]

1. Night Invasion (max 3 Players)[edit | edit source]

In Night Invasion Challege, players needs to invade an arena and steal items from a pincode protected box.

Players, after they gain access into the arena, needs to find the box which has the pincode. They can kill each other if it's needed.

Night Invasion Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. You can use any melee weapon of any type. Range Weapons or Guns are now allowed.
  2. Dinos are not allowed
  3. You can only use Cloth or Hide Armor of any type.
  4. You cannot kill a player if he's outside the Arena
  5. You are not allowed to drug a player.
  6. You are not allowed to destroy the pincode protected box. If you to, the staff shared equally to all other players and you get nothing.

The player who will be able to open the box, can get all the items. If he cannot carry them all,then he's able to leave the arena to save those items into his base and return for the rest. In this case and only when that player returns to arena, players are able to kill him and take the pin code.

2. The Three Burials (max 4 Players)[edit | edit source]

The Three Burials if the challenge where you have to kill a player 3 times in an arena. When a player die 3 times, then he lose and stays out of the arena.

The winner is the last standing player in the arena.

The winner can choose between the following rewards:

Reward 1: 200 Silica Pearls and 300 Metal Ingot.

Reward 2: 150 Metal Ingot and 100 Electronics.

Reward 3: 300 Oil and one full Flak Armor.

Reward 4: 1 Fertilized Quetzal Egg and 50 Polymer.

Reward 5: 200 Crystal and 300 Cementing Paste.

The Three Burials Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Dinos are not allowed
  2. You can only use Bow or Crossbow. No Tranq arrows allowed. If your Bow/Crossbow break, then you can use Hands only.
  3. You are noy allowed to steal items from the dead body. When a player dies, you have to wait to return at the arena.
  4. You can use only Hide Armor.

Center Map - Challenges Main Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. You cannot force a player to participate a challenge.
  2. If a player has a good reason to not participate (ex. he has to logout to go to sleep) you cannot say that he avoid the challenge.
  3. A player cannot denie a challenge. He can propose another day to challenge, but he cannot dinie it.
  4. If a player logout during the fight for an internet connection problem, the fight is invalid and you have to start over.
  5. You cannot challenge a player which is 20 level less than you, but he can Challenge you.

Admin Rules[edit | edit source]

It can be only three Admin in the tribe, including owner. Admin can be set any player from Tribe's Owners/Admins only.

The Admins should not set any other member as admin without Owners's permission. If an Admin set another member as Admin without informing other Admins, he will loose admin's rights without further discussion.

The Admins must help any other player in this tribe.

Center Map - Member List[edit | edit source]

Server: [EU-DE] - Beginner Friendly PVE

  • Nancy (Sargent)
  • Hunter (General) - Admin
  • Lenarius (Sargent)
  • Mangina (Sargent)
  • Indra (Genera) - Owner
  • Kawa (Corporal)

Ragnarok Map - Member List[edit | edit source]

Server: [EU-DE] - RG - Beginner Friendly PVE

  • Indra (General) - Owner
  • Nancy (Seargent)
  • Zebbi 2.0 (Citizen)
  • WhiteKnight (Soldier)
  • SlipperyBanana (Citizen)

Tribe's Flag[edit | edit source]

You can download and use Tribe's Flag from here. If you are already a member of our Tribe, colors to paint it will be provide.

After you download the flag, use this link to convet this image to a pnt file to use it in game. Note: In drop down box, select "singleflag".

Take a look on the server[edit | edit source]