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Tribe:Dirty Dozen

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D12 PVP – Max Difficulty – XP/Tame/Gather Boost 1.25x – Short Nights

We’re a couple of guys that work the 9 – 5 grind and we are looking to get our server established, with a solid community. The server in actively monitored by multiple admins. We ourselves, are highly active on the server, working on taming dino’s, building our base(s) and the community.

What we need from you
We need active singles or groups of players looking for a new server to play on to join us. We expect a common understanding of game play. E.g. don’t run around griefing noobs. Don’t raid a tribe when no one is on. We would like to see some mutual respect on the server, because we all know this game is a time investment.

TeamSpeak 3 provided for players on the server (Info is on the ARK server)

Server Info

  • Server Name: D12 PVP - Max Diff - XP/Tame Bonus - Short Nights
  • Server IP:
  • Server Type: PVP
  • Slots: 30 (Will increase with demand)
  • Location: Seattle, Washington (I have a 30 ping on east coast)
  • Restarts: Everyday 05:00 EST
  • Character Uploads: Allowed
  • Difficulty: Max


  • We expect a mutual understanding from players.
  • Killing / griefing noobs will make them leave.
  • Base raiding when tribe is offline isn’t fun for either side.
  • Killing a tribe’s dino is a dick move.
  • Don’t cheat / exploit (We will ban for this!)
  • The game is meant to be played don’t dupe items.
  • Don’t hack.
  • Don’t exploit game mechanics to gain an advantage.
  • Do some PVP
  • Setting up tribe vs tribe PVP is our end goal
  • Small tribes band together vs larger tribes