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Dole Dodgers[edit | edit source]

- Frankeroni
- King Durry III

Server[edit | edit source]

JurassicArk-3x tame-2x exp-2.5x Harvest - (v209.1)

Focus[edit | edit source]

The Dole Dodgers focus on a few simple things. Those things are having fun, dodging the dole and not being mean to others trying to enjoy the game. This means that the Dole Dodgers are a peaceful nomadic tribe that will only attack if attacked. We plan on eventually selling things to people around the island, though this is a bit far off. Right now we only have a small base, although this will change and eventually the Dole Dodgers will be good and set up.

Process of Joining[edit | edit source]

Simply say in chat "I'd like to join" or something like that, we'll give you our coords, and then run a small test to see whether you can be a dole dodger. The test is very easy. All you have to do is tame a phiomia. Really. Thats it. Anyways, dont ask to be promoted to admin in the group, because you wont be.

Tribe Governance[edit | edit source]

Dinosaurs: Personal Owned; Tribe Ridden
Structures: Personal Owned, Admin Remove, Tribe Use
Taming: Personal
Locks and PIN codes: Tribe