Tribe:Donkorniszon's Nation

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Donkorniszon's Nation
Leader Donkorniszon
Server Name

A National Socialist Tribe Always Present out of Boundaries. Followers of Way of the Mesh Religion Founded by The Oberkommando Der Wehrmacht Eris. Extremely Hostile Tribe Which Takes Pleasure in Other People's Misery. The Kommunists of Legacy (KoL) Cannot Withstand the Benevolent Rays Which Emanate from The Glorious Leader Donkorniszon. Gott mit uns!


  • Reichsarchitecht Eris
  • Reichsminister Grinch
  • Reichsführer Alexander
  • Reichsführer of the Eastern Reich KTX
  • Der Führer Donkorniszon
  • Reichsmarschall Azazel
  • Waffen SS Dexy
  • Waffen SS Andreas
  • National Hero of the Reich Tunder
  • Waffen SS Jeff