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short description
Leader Triumvirate
Server Name
Official Server 74
Main Base Location
The Island Topographic Map.jpg
coords: 75° Lat, 75° Lon

Tribe Info[edit | edit source]

You know who it is, DooDooTrashCan back at it again! Three man tribe who held residence on Official PVP server 74 from launch until early December 2015, and built a kickass fort base covering almost the entire hill at 70-80 lat and 70-80 lon whose location was somehow unknown to nearly every tribe on the server, despite it being both sprawling and towering. We were a part of almost every major conflict on the server until about November, specific exploits listed below, and in that time racked up in insane kill record, envied by tribes everywhere.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Fergdaddy
  • Raynn Falu
  • Zeroknight00

Sick Nasty Battles[edit | edit source]

DooDoo vs Densteri: No losses for the incredible DooDoo, Densteri base nearly leveled, all animals killed by the might King Krush, insane loot acquired, Densteri relocated to the opposite corner of the map, and after causing a ruckus there were finally pacified for good. DooDoo losses: none

DooDoo vs Draizen and The Wild Hunt: Notorious speedhacker with a big tribe back when that was a thing, wreaked havoc on the server with said hacks and a high level prime meat tamed rex(this was long before kibble for you new kids), before eventually being humbled and imprisoned, all of his feared argents slain and his volcano base and northern lake base razed to the ground. DooDoo losses: none

DooDoo vs QCFR: Some sort of French Canadian tribe with an aggressive agenda living not too far from DooDoo HQ, after making threats on a friendly neighbor DooDoo warriors showed up to put a quick end to that, and later annihilated their home base, killing most of the animals and finding a massive arms stash in an admin locked loot room. DooDoo losses: none

DooDoo vs Africa: No, not the nation, just a tribe with bases, dinosaurs and loot. You get the format by now I'm sure. DooDoo losses: none.

DooDoo vs Brotherhood Outcasts: A large tribe living in the north who had pulled together some 30odd players from half a dozen smaller tribes into one entity that entirely lacked leadership or any kind of focus. The beach was littered with a number of small bases, and the leader's personal base held all of the good loot (eggs by the hundreds, blueprints, guns, c4, the very definition of "loot") DooDoo losses: only the explosives used to smash them. Brotherhood Losses: Everything.

DooDoo vs Denton Solo player with an alpha tribe's attitude, made the mistake of killing one of our pet frogs, and the other mistake of building in an underwater cave. One C4 later and good ole Denton and HIS froggy were history. DooDoo losses: none

DooDoo vs Fat Somalian Pirates: Some random people who decided they could dictate how the server would be run to the most powerful tribes at the time (pretty big ego getting in the way of smarts), and refused to follow requests made by said tribes. Subsequently wiped off of the large iceberg, with once again no DooDoo losses (sensing a pattern here?)

DooDoo vs DEA: This one is a real doozy, some of these kids were caught with their pants down raiding an ally of the Trash Can and were given an ultimatum; apologize and help repair the base, or kiss their little base goodbye. Unfortunately that night they were able to entirely take over a big tribe, demolishing all of their bases and stealing all of their dinos, and is if it couldn't get any worse, it soon turned out they were using aimbots and ESP. After some fighting the ARK moderators were called in, evidence was collected, and their entire tribe was summarily wiped down to the last dodo. Did I mention it turned out Denton was in this tribe? DooDoo losses: one flak chestpiece.

DooDoo vs Manly Men: Residing in the cove next to the main base of the incredible DooDooTrashCan, the manly men did indeed live up to their name, however their stone and metal base couldn't withstand the endless hail of DooDoo grenades, nor could their animals stand up to the invincible spinosaurs deployed that day. Disgusting amounts of loot taken. DooDoo losses: none

DooDoo vs Bloodwater: A tribe that was initially described as a small group of hardcore rust PVP players turned out to be crap at ARK, who knew? Their base design was atrocious, and a pair of elite DooDoo rexes was easily able to dispatch everything barely taking a scratch. Massive loot acquired, insane blueprints, thousands of explosives. DooDoo losses: none.

DooDoo vs Die Gremlins: A group of German ark players who lived on the East coast with a sprawling base defended only by a few auto turrets, a stone wall, and some metal spikes. Enter the S.S. DooDoo Patrol, one of the first battlerafts ever constructed, that laid waste to the harbor and opened up the loot rooms of this tribe with ease. Hundreds of valuable eggs acquired, another massive arms stash of thousands of guns, and even better, a notch on the belt of the DooDoo navy. DooDoo losses: none

DooDoo vs Dino Brotherhood: Living just next to the Gremlins and above where the ruins of QCFR lay, the Brotherhood was a tribe of large buildings and many dinosaurs, but in the end they fell and surrendered their bountiful goods to the by now bursting treasury deep within the bowels of the DooDoo fortress. DooDoo losses: none

DooDoo vs The Black Hand: As a new wave of players hit the now peaceful server 74, new threats began to pop up, some closer to home than DooDoo would like. The Black Hand was one of those, after aggressive actions towards the DooDoo clan they were destroyed, their women and goods carried back by the victorious warriors of DooDooTrashCan, and their animals left to drown in the oceans. Hundreds of thousands of C4 and eggs stolen. DooDoo losses: none

DooDoo vs My Brother's Keeper: Another new tribe who set up shop even closer to DooDoo, and like their brothers the Black Hand made the mistake of incurring the wrath of the Trash Can, and found themselves outmatched in every way, and then quickly dispatched. Large quanities of shekels acquired for the DooDoo vault. DooDoo losses: none