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Tribe of 2 atm but built up pretty well on a pvp server
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Here you can write about your tribe in more detail, e.g. Im looking for members to add to my tribe on the server. Im mainly looking for players that are experinced to mildly experinced but are willing to tak new guys as long as you are willing to help farm materials. Were pretty setup meaning we have a nice amount of turrets and are in metal with good dinos.

-Server Info= This is a family Friendly server meaning try to avoid cursing and other inapproitae things said in chat. The rates are boosted but still close to vanilla there is x3 or x2 gathering and xp I forget which one it is but, I do know for sure that egg hatching is x3 any other information can be found here

Environment or lay of the land (I guess you can say)- As of right now there is only one tribe that I can fuly say has a base that looks like a base from the youtube vids theyre decked out with turretts and dinos but it doesnt look unraidable to me and I believe with the right help we could get these guys one day in the future. After them it was a tie between my tribe and another for 2nd place in the threat standings with my tribe and another but, this is mainly because my tribe only consists of 2 people and they gained another member to make 3 guys atleast 4 max and theyre all pretty active but theyre not too far ahead of us. Then there is my tribe and after that everyone else is either casuals or guys that are still in stone bases. So i wouldnt say the server is dominated by anyone. Everyones been pretty peaceful so far.

Tribe Info- The tribe base is pretty well setup with turrets and Im looking to add more to the current amount. Like I said on paper Id rank our tribe as 3rd in the pwer rankings but, Im sure we got some active guys we could easily move up higher maybe even to #1. We just need some more guys to help gather mats so if youre a pvp guy or really just wanna join a tribe that is already pretty setup then look no further than us.

Msg me on steam if interested. Steam: MNMASON

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Quan