Tribe:Enigma Rising

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Enigma Rising
Enigma Rising.png
Tribe Leader: Tyrael
Server Name: Furious Pantalooms
Dino Ownership: Tribe Owned
Dino Taming: Tribe Taming
Structure Ownership: Tribe Owned, Admin Demolish
Locks and Pincodes: Tribe Locks & Pincodes

About Tribe[edit | edit source]

we are a tribe of friendly 18+ people who love this game and love playing it

we don't really have a focus other than playing the game and enjoying it

we stand by our idea that it's a game and you should do whatever you have fun with so just do you.

How to Join[edit | edit source]

requirements are 18+ (or close to it) and must use our teamspeak and have a mic

  • message me in steam/ingame
  • fill out our website registration and include your Ingame Name and Steam Name in the message
  • send an email to

steam id:

ingame name: Tyrael

Server Info[edit | edit source]

Furious Pantalooms PVPVE 5x XP,Harvesting,Taming

Website[edit | edit source]