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Exiled Chosen
A tribe devoted to the protection of weaker players and people just trying to survive. We construct safe shelters for people who otherwise could not and are trying to recruit people who also wish to serve that cause. We also would like to be able to help neutrals (people trying to avoid tribe wars)stay neutral while still enjoying the freedom of dedicated servers. If we are able to recruit enough people we will also be attempting to stop raids on peaceful tribes and eliminate the tribes conducting such raids.
Leader Blake (Construction and Player Aid), Wyatt (Military)
Server Name
We do not yet have our own server but will be operating in the EU-XBOXOFFICIALSERVER8 server until further notice. This section will be edited as we move between servers.
Dino Ownership Dinosaurs we tame are owned within the tribe and are to be used responsibly and never against non hostile players.
Dino Taming We are aiming to tame powerful transport animals such as Triceratops and Stegosaurus and will eventually (with more members) tame Brontosaurus' to create mobile shelters and resourcing posts.
Structure Ownership All structures are owned collectively by the tribe but all non hostile players are allowed to use facilities and shelters we provide.
Locks and Pincodes Lock and pin codes will be given to tribe members trusted with the distribution of goods.

Our own server will not be running until we have more players on board but we are looking for servers to put roots in and if you are interested in having us as part of your server please edit the page and put your servers information below as I will be checking and editing this page frequently. We hope to be a force for the raiding tribes to fear soon.[edit | edit source]