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Flyingdonuts is a new community that focusses on our players, to get the most fun out of games.

is a new community that focusses on our players, to get the most fun out of games.

We are still low-populated but we are doing everything to make it as pleasant as it gets for you players to build up nice game experiences on our servers. Come and play on our servers and get to know new players. Be mature and respect eachother.

We will give our full support to make it a nice place for everyone. You can talk with us trough website,teamspeak or even send us messages on facebook. We try to be 24/7 online.

ARK Survival Evolved What can you expect from us =>

- No lag, Performance and Backups. - Teamspeak 3 - Everyone can get his own private teamspeak channel for free. - Website with all upcoming news and announcements we will keep you up2date. - Staff-Team EU 24/7 support for your help. (still need extra admins) - A stable community, We don't need your donations, or to click advertisements, JUST PLAY! - Mature community with respectfull people. We don't want the wankers! - English spoken - 75 % Daytime // 25% Nighttime (Gamma command allowed) - 30 % less Hunger, Thirst. - Basebuilding-Structures increased health x3 - Max level 100 - Max dino level 150 - Player introduced tweaks is possible - Events (Survival of the fittest event/Raid the admin event and many more) - Mods (Akushima) - 1 day a week 4 Hours Offline raidtime - 2 days a week 4 Hours Online raidtime - Custom Rules (Read the rules on our website)

Character-Transfers You came on our website and immediatly want to join our server, but you have to start all over again? LVL1 WHAAAAAAA!!!! No you don't! Contact a admin and give us your steam profile and we will lookup how many hours you have played ARK. With this information we will give you a EXP-Boost.

Join our Teamspeak3 channel // FlyingDonuts.eu