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Get Back 2 Werk
We are a small Australian-based tribe looking for members to play on official servers with the release of Aberration. Contact DauntingMist34 on steam for details.
Leader DauntingMist34
Server Name
Nil, looking to join official OC aberration PvP on release.

We are a highly-active, passive tribe i.e when fired upon, will fire back. Looking for new members, Australian/New Zealanders preferred. Will accept all nations, but english-speaking is a prerequisite. We want to become a large tribe as we have had trouble with Three memebers. Joiners will slowly gain trust, and will be given more power accordingly

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Lolis4lyfe
  • Swagy Hoobo
  • DauntingMist34 (leader)PCMR.png