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Ghetto Boys
Server Name

Founder: Mighty Joe Young & Anne

Original Members: Headache & Neveu Recently we merged a few tribes and increased our numbers to 8-10 active memebers. Our tribe goal is to have a strong community of players who enjoy the game and work together for common goals. Currently our tribe has the most tamed dinos on the server. We have the most active players. After a recent raid on our base by House Stark we took vengence. You can find the video on Alcarin Dacil youtube page. We always entertain new recruits if you prove yourself as a solo player or a member of a smaller tribe. It would be nice to get some server competition. Alcarins24/7pvp&tournaments Each week we can compete in Carno island PvP tournaments for high level Blueprints and items. Last week a tamed Broodmother was awarded to the winner. Get busy and join up.