Tribe:Green Raptor Raiders

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Green Raptor Raiders
Semper enim venandi
Leader AlligatorManiac
Server Name
Dino Ownership privately owned
Structure Ownership privately owned
Locks and Pincodes no
Main Base Location
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We are a tribe of mercs who want to live as much as you do, But have found a newer understanding of the meaning of the obelisks. The guardians are there for a reason, for our creators wants us to not repeat what the “Firsts” did. To say other wise to the Holy Grand Praetorian is heresy, and shows us who the creators say will be left behind and left to rot while we Ascend to the heavens, and we are their instrument to cleanse the graceful land of those who have lost faith. And once we are granted their god like powers, we shall burn a path into the divine beyond

Members[edit | edit source]

  • AlligatorManiac