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Tribe:Guardians of the Coast

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Guardians of the Coast
Tribe Leader: Chriz
Server Name: Official Server 201
Dino Ownership: Tribe Owned
Dino Taming: Tribe Taming
Structure Ownership: Tribe Owned
Locks and Pincodes: Tribe Locks & Pincodes

Guardians of the Coast is an ARK Tribe led by Chriz on Official Server 201.

Focus[edit | edit source]

Tribe gatherings, dino taming, artifact hunting (none gathered yet)

About Tribe[edit | edit source]

We focus on getting fully geared. Every gun for each member, every dino for each member. We don't raid innocents. Main target though is by Rage, terrorists on the server. Main goal of course is to grow stronger and have fun so come join!

How to Join[edit | edit source]

Add: gameislife1 on steam (Purple ish picture and im from Denmark). You can also send me a mail on c_s@live.dk

Tribe Island Location[edit | edit source]

Island? We live near the green obelisk (South West) its easy to get here if you know the area so we will come find ya ;)