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Casual player's co-operation to provide survivability in hardcore pvp enviroment
Leader ThinMan
Server Name
EU:Scorched Earth 644
Dino Ownership Tribe Owned
Dino Taming Tribe Tame
Structure Ownership Tribe Owned

A shelter for casual players, to survive in hardcore pvp enviroment. HYDRA has no leadership, or hierarchy, we decide together on everything. Requirement: Being Non-naked player with tames, and a reasonable base, which you give in to tribe property (ensuring no griefers join) Being peaceful (we don't agress anybody, the tribe's goal is to survive raiders and griefers together, not becoming alphas) Having a co-operative personality Goals of going for high end gears, and tames, rather than becoming stuck in a never-ending naked-pvp conflict

Server's[edit | edit source]

Island 10

Ragnarök 189

Aberration 377B