Tribe:House of Sage

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House of Sage
Peaceful established tribe looking to grow its dedicated member base to maintain and expand presence on the server. Responsible, mature, friendly players only need to apply! :)
Leader Sage
Server Name
Dino Ownership Tribe Owned. (Tag for personal use)
Dino Taming Tribe Tamed.
Structure Ownership Tribe Owned, Admin Demo
Locks and Pincodes Admin Locks available.

1. We share dinosaurs unless tagged. "If you didn't tame it/gifted, then don't ride it" is a good golden rule :)

2. Default neutral. We have enemies on the server, but they're always thwarted. There are many new tribes that come and go and we do our best to build the community in a reasonable manner. No unnecessary suffering or griefing is tolerated.

3. Big tribe does big tribe things. We have goals that must be achieved in order to continue growing and playing. We need like minded people who don't mind working well with others but are self motivated.

Contact Sage, Rin, Ciaran_Gibson, or edridz73 to get started!