Tribe:House of Sticks and Dung

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House of Sticks and Dung
We are a small tribe based on an Official PVE server. We have one main base and another taming base near the Volcano (Future project for a stone/metal base - Assistance would be greatly appreciated) Anyone is welcome to join.
Leader Luben
Server Name
The-EU-PVE-OfficialServer265(on Nitrado)
Dino Ownership Tribe
Dino Taming Tribe
Structure Ownership Tribe
Locks and Pincodes Some personal, Bust mostly tribe
Main Base Location
The Island Topographic Map.jpg
coords: 57.6° Lat, 15.9° Lon

The Tribe was initially created by myself and my brother. Although we are very low-man I feel we've achieved a decent looking base/set of dino's to play around with. Message the global chat in-game for more info.

We only have 2 rules, 1. Don't steal other members items (unless you plan on replacing that item/s) 2. Try not to get all of the dinosaurs killed.

If you are interested in joining please use global chat in-game on the server listed above and ask for 'Luben' Thanks for looking.