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"The Democratic People's Republic of Iowa is the Juche-oriented socialist state which embodies the idea and leadership of Comrade Tyler Warner, the founder of the Republic and the father of socialist IOWA."
Leader Tyler Warner
Server Name
Official 17
Dino Ownership Tribe
Dino Taming Tribe
Structure Ownership Tribe

A brotherhood of Iowans and a Norwegian on the Official 17 server, led by the Glorious Leader Tyler Warner. We enjoy activities like berry-taming level 100+ Brontos, hopping around on frogs, accumulating worthless dinosaurs, attempting to hit parasaurs with catapults, and getting all our pteros killed. We're open to alliances and trading.

Members include

  • Tyler Warner, our fearless leader
  • Larry the Foolish
  • Bobo the Youthful
  • Blusterinbuckles the Naked and/or Dead
  • Justin the Sleepless
  • Jon the Very Wise and Very Handsome
  • Jeff the Absent
  • Jeke the "this-game-is-too-mainstream"
  • Cozworth the Liability (seriously though, let us know if anything ever happens so we can try and find a mutually satisfactory and amicable resolution)
  • BaracksBuddha the Norwegian