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About Us[edit | edit source]

"Senatus Populusque Arca"
Leader Caesar
Server Name
Dino Ownership Tribe Owned
Structure Ownership Tribe Owned

We are an active, community based tribe that emphasizes the PVP aspect of the game. The tribe itself is relatively new, but founded by a mature, experienced player base. We pride ourselves on being organized and objective oriented; we also own a private Discord server. The goal here is to reign as the incumbent Alpha Tribe on our server, and we're dedicated to it.

If this happens to interest you, you should give the Recruitment tab below a look. We're currently looking to grow and are seeking new members.

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

To be eligible to join Imperium, the following prerequisites must me met:

Must have a minimum of 400 hours played. Must be active, mature (17+), and objective-oriented. Must be able to speak proper English.

If you meet these standards and wish to join, please send a message to Cryptix Kobra over XBL. We will verify your stats and message you back to set up a time we can invite you to a party to converse with you*. Think of it as a very casual interview.

If all goes well, we will have you meet us on our server to be accepted to the tribe. We always look forward to seeing a new face in Imperium.

Please note: at times, our tribe may be closed to recruitment for security reasons. You can still request to join, but acceptance may be put on hold until further issues are resolved. You can check the tribe status below:


  • We are not obligated to pursue contact with you if you continue to be unavailable. Your request may be discarded if you cannot reach us back in a timely manner.