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!!Kabuki Clan Recruitment!! Welcome

To do list:

1) Gather resources, learn about the game, and explore.

2) After geared enough, look for a place to have a Adventure.

3) Finish the base to the point where it can defend itself and is strong enough to withstand attacks.

4) Get enough resources and gear to where everyone can handle themselves to an extent

5) One of the big goals I have for the tribe is to create a community hub. What I mean by this is have a large facility that can protect people from the environment, hostile players, and animals. Not only that, but also have a trading center that is protected by the tribe. We also plan to have an entree fee to compensate the guards for guarding and looking over the place.

6) Explore, build more outpost, beef up, and learn more about the lore of the lands

Tribe info:

(Kabuki Clan) (To sign up contact ( Server Information Name: i love bacons No password Player Slots: 70 IP: To auto join click this link steam://connect/ Team Speak Address: Email me or friend me on steam please.

We would like to have players to chose specific roles that would benefit the tribe. What I mean by this is that you would use the leveling system to improve stats for a certain task like: Building, Crafting, Hunting, PvP\Defending, Etc.

Our tribe won't be to focused on a certain things like raiding or exploring and such. We want to be able to do all things the game offers and have a mixed and diverse group where we could do anything we feel like it. So we may raid, explore, hunt, Etc!

Recruitment Form:



Time Zone:

Do you have a mic:

Do you have an outside form of communication:

What role would you like to be in the tribe:

Why do you want to join:

How would you benefit the tribe:

(Optional) Some ideas for the tribe that'd you like