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K.O.R. Gaming

We are K.O.R. a semi hard core gaming group

Are tribe likes:

- Mature.


- competitive.


and we even have a discord

What is Kor.

In K.o.r. we break our members down into three groups.

Recon, Field, and builders.

Recon: Stealth and Overt ops is their game. Sniping in combat, stealth missions of infiltration, and of course Secret missions. what does recon generally use tapejara, Gallies, Griffins and stealth gear.

Build: Building, Gathering, and supporting in combat. build generally uses: Quetz, Harvesting bests, and support dinos like Yuty or Demon Pig.

Field: Assault, raiding and Combat is their goal, assisting the Build unit is their side goal if their not murdering people. commonly used things are the rex, and the Carno, and assault gear.

Unit only items and dinos: Quetz: 100+ = builder, Rex: 90 + = Field, Giga 80+ = field, Griffin 100+ = recon, tape = same a griff, galli = same as griff, wyvern fire 100+ = field, Wyvren toxic = fire but for builder, wyvern lighting = same as fire but for Recon.

Riot: anything apprentice is Field.

Gillie: goes to recon.

Tek: all can use but builders get first pick.